Tijuanaball is a major cityball on the northwestern corner of Baja California-icon Baja Californiaball.

One of the most diverse cityballs in Mexico-icon Mexicoball, only after Mexico Cityball.

San Diego-icon San Diegoball is his best friend and twin on the other side of the border with USA-icon USAball. San Diegoball and Tijuanaball were separated shortly after birth when Mexicoball and USAball went to war in the Mexican-American War. Both feel so close yet so far. San Diegoball likes Tijuanaball's authentic Mexican food while Tijuanaball likes San Diegoball's relative security and his pet pandas and orca (Shamu).

At the end of 2018 however, there was some tension with ​​Donald Trump-icon Donald Trump's policing of the area using tear gas. That was not fun.

Tijuana still appreciates San Diego as a whole all the same.

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