Grorious Nippon stlonk! Tokugawa unifee Nippon flom Sengoku jidai!
— Tokugawa Shogunateball

Tokugawaball, officially the Tokugawa Shogunateball was the last shogunate of Tokugawa-icon.png Feudal Japanball. The Shogun were military dictators with near-absolute power. Tokugawaball was the de facto ruler of all of ancient Japan-icon.png Japanball islands from 1603, after the death of dear Toyotomi-icon.pngToyotomi Clanball a few years later, to 1867. After that, he became the Japanese-Empire-icon.png Japanese Empireball. He was given the title of Shogunate by the Emperor who was only nominally above the Shogun. Since Japan was ruled by Shogun with a warrior class from 1192 to 1868 CE which a civil war occurred in which it lost to Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japanball, and briefly existed as Ezoball at the end of the war.

Tokugawaball kicked the Ryukyu-icon.png Ryukyu Kingdomball and before that wanted to invade Joseon-icon.png Joseonball.

He was very suspicious of foreigners. Such as Dutch-icon.png Dutch Empireball, UK-icon.png British Empireball, Russia-icon.png Russian Empireball, and USA-icon.png USAball. He distrusted and hated Christians.


Tokugawa loves all things like samurai. He usually wears a katana (Japanese sword). He is very militaristic, leads big feudal armies, and acts like a warrior. He is brave and lives according to the ancient Bushido, the virtues of the way of the warrior.




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