Grorious Nippon stlonk! Tokugawa unifee Nippon flom Sengoku jidai!
— Tokugawa Shogunateball

Tokugawaball, officially Tokugawa Shogunateball was the last shogunate of Tokugawa-icon Feudal Japanball. The Shogun were military dictators with near absolute power. Tokugawaball was the de facto ruler of all of ancient Japanball islands from 1603, after the death of dear Toyotomi-iconToyotomi Clanball a few years later, to 1867. After that he becoming the Japanese-Empire-icon Japanese Empireball. He was given the title of shogunate by the Emperor who was only nominally above the shogun. Since Japan was ruled by shogun with a warrior class from 1192 till 1868 CE when a civil war occurred in which it lost to Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball, and briefly existed as Ezoball at the end of the war.

Tokugawaball kicked the Ryukyu-icon Ryukyu Kingdomball and before that wanted to invade Joseon-icon Koreaball.

He was very suspicious of foreigners. Such as Dutch-icon Dutch Empireball, UK-icon British Empireball, Russia-icon Russian Empireball and USA-icon USAball. He distrusted and hated Christians.


Tokugawa loves all things samurai. He usually wears a katana (Japanese sword). He is very militaristic, leads big feudal armies and acts like a warrior. He is brave and lives according to the ancient Bushido, the virtues of the way of the warrior.




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