Is it Tonga time? I think it's Tonga time.
— Bill Wurtz

Tongaball is an island monarchy countryball in the pacific. He is known to be a friendly Polynesian ball. He has never been taken by a foreign ball (except when UK-icon.png United Kingdomball took him as a protectorate). He is one of the fattest countryballs in world. Its capital is nuke Nuku'alofaball. Its clay has 169 islands, 36 of which inhabited, and lies 1/3 way between New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball and Hawaii-icon.png Hawaiiball. The reputation of friendliness comes from the invitation he gave to the UK-icon.png UKball to join his party. Tongaball has also never lost its clay and sovereignty to any foreign ball.


Early History (1616-1845)

Tongaball was born in 1845 after his father, Tu'i Tonga Empireball dissolved. Tongaball went under many civil wars, but soon stopped fighting and changed into a Monarchy in 1845. However, before into unification Tongaball had come into contact with Dutch Republicball. They into trade, and followed with many more Europeans. Soon Tongaball into more contact even more Palangi (Whites or Europeans) including: the UK-icon.png UKball, Spanish Empireball, & Kingdom of Franceball. Tongaball soon became very influenced by Palangi Religion. Tongaball soon became Methodist.

Modern History (1845-present)

Tongaball underwent unification in 1845. Soon after Tongaball became close friends with the UK-icon.png UKball, in 1900 fears of another Civil War & Reichtangle placed Tongaball under a protectorate of the UK-icon.png UKball. Tongaball never lost its sovereignty unlike his neighbors, and soon can into somewhat "Modernized". Tongaball following in 1970 dissolved the status of a "Protectorate". Tongaball joined Commonwealthball soon after in 1970. Tongaball then later joined the UN-icon.png UNball in 1999. In 2018 he got hit by Cyclone Gita, the worst cyclone in Tongaball in 60 years. It is also illegal to work in public on a Sunday, as the country is closed on Sundays.

Related Issues

  1. Sea levels rising
  2. Tonga wanting into Asia
  3. Much Poverty
  4. Much obesity
  5. of many arguing with other island clay
  6. Cyclone Gita
  7. Obesity (having the 4th highest in the world)

Relationships/Va fetuʻutaki

Ngaahi kaungameʻa  (Friends)

  • New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball and Australia-icon.png Australiaball - Only see each other at colonisation mourning summit.
  • USA-icon.png USAball - Contributed troops to Iraq War.
  • All Pacificballs - Likes each other. Should into country of relevance.
  • Fiji-icon.png Fijiball - Minerva Reef into my Clay! Can into friendship.
  • Soviet-icon.png Soviet UnionBall - Was potential friend, into visit in 1987. "Tongaball & Sovietball linked, not into separated by Pacific Clay"- Tupou V

Ngaahi fili (Enemies)

  • New England-icon.png New Englandball - YOU STOLE MY FLAG! Remove Lobster!

How to draw

Drawing Tongaball is of very simple:

  1. Draw a red circle
  2. Fill the top-left corner with white
  3. Draw a red cross in the white square


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