Torbayball is a group of towns in South West Devonshireball (or Devonball). It has three areas of clay being Paigntonball, Brixhamball and Torquayball. Torquayball is the biggest town and has many clay, Paigntonball is the second biggest and has a lot of beach clay and Brixham is small and has little clay. The people like expensive palm trees, beach huts and UKball, unlike his bastard half brother Cornwallball who always wants more clay and freedom.


In the Napoleonic wars where France-icon Franceball was attacking EU-icon Europe and UK-icon UKball had to fight him, a lot of soldiers were trained on Brixhamball's clay at BerryHead fort. It is a popular attraction and has nice scones. Tore Abbey was founded in Torquayball. In WW2, a lot of RAF pilots and crewmen lived and trained there and USA-icon USAball soldiers lived in Torbayball, but it was bombed a lot by Germany-icon Germanyball. In 1948 Torbayball hosted the watersport events of the Olympic games.

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