Torres Strait Islanderball are Indigenous Australians living on an island near the Cape York Peninsula, Queensland-icon.pngQueenslandball and Papua New Guinea-icon.png Papua New Guineaball.


Like his brother Australian Aborigines-icon.png Australian Aboriginalsball they always existed. It was discovered by Portuguese sailors, Until they were annexed by Queensland-icon.png Queenslandball in 1879. He came a part of the British Colony of Queenslandball and (after 1901) and of Queensland-icon.png Queensland.

How to Draw

  1. draw two black lines in the top and bottom center
  2. color the middle in this blue
  3. color the top and bottom in this green
  4. draw the dhari in white and draw a star in the middle of the dhari in white
  5. Draw the eyes and then your finished.


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