Toyotomiball is a clan in Japan-icon Japanball, founded before Tokugawa-icon Tokugawaball.

Toyotomiball (Toyotomi Hideyoshi) ruled Japan-icon Japanball after the death of his bestfriend Oda-icon Oda Clanball (Oda Nobunaga). He ended the Sengoku period (warring-states of Japan) and ruled ruthlessly, disempowering those he hated and giving power to those he favored. He was a very important daimyō (feudal lord), warrior, general, samurai, and politician.

He was granted the title of imperial regent and kicked Ming-icon ching chong's Joseon-icon friend and almost won the war.

In 1592, Toyotomiball ordered the Japanese invasions of Joseon-icon Joseonball(1592–1598) in order to reach Ming-icon Mingball. He quickly captured Joseon-icon Joseonball's capital, but Admiral Yi won many battles in the sea. The initial invasion was in 1592 which was a success. Then there was a brief truce in 1596. After that there was a second invasion in 1597, but Joseon-icon Joseonball with the help of Ming-icon Mingball pushed him back. He retreated in 1597.

But just before the final wars, somehow he lost as he died at 61 years old in 1598. His death paved the way for Tokugawa-icon Tokugawaball to rise to power after a few years later.

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