Tsuen Wanball is a districtball of Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball. She is known for Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, the 2nd Disney park to be opened in Asia, and the 5th overall. Other sights in Tsuen Wan District (Hong Kong)-icon Tsuen Wanball include Sam Tung Uk Museum, Shin Mun reservoir, Po La Po dam, and Tai Mo Shan, the tallest hill in Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball.


Tsuen Wanball was born as a 1ball. It was adopted by UKball and Hong Kongball in 1898. She is the mother of Kwai Tsingball.




  • Islands District (Hong Kong)-icon Islandsball - Mark my words, HK Disneyland belongs to great Tsuen Wan! Well, you have a great airport while I don't, but still, I still have Disneyland!

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