Tu'i Tongaball was an Oceanic monarchy established in the 10th century in Oceania. Tu'i Tongaball's Clay extended from Tongatapuball all the way to the Clay of Samoa-icon.png Samoaball & Fiji-icon.png Fijiball.


Pre-Colonial Times

Tu'i Tongaball began around 950 CE, and expanded heavily due to his stronk Imperial Navy. Soon into anschluss into uninhabited clay across the South Pacific Ocean. Tu'i Tongaball's Clay began to increase in size and can into many conflicts with other balls. It reached its peak around 1200-1500.

Eventual Decline & Collapse

With Tu'i Tongaball's clay already large, ethnic and political problems lead to many wars including Tu'i Tongaball with it. Pressure mounting after losing Samoaball, and later Fijiball ended with another civil war. Eventually killing and dissolving Tu'i Tongaball. Tongaball soon was born after numerous civil wars, with the title "Tu'i Tonga" officially dissolved in 1865. His son Tonga-icon.pngTongaball replaces him.


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