Tulaball is a oblastball of Russia-icon.png Russiaball. She makes the best weapon, gingerbread, samovars, accordions, Filimonov toys... Even in Tula hymn is sung:

"We are in a battle, and in the Guards,

Famous throughout our valiant work!

Grow thousands of new craftsmen

Forge new glory to the people!"

In 1941, Tulaball saved the USSR from Naziball.

If Russiaball is not strong, then Tulaball strong. If Tulaball is not strong, that no one is not strong!

How to draw

1. Draw circle (base).

2. Fill in the red.

3. Draw three blades of swords and two golden hammers.

4. Draw eyes.

All of them! You drew Tula.


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