Turinball is the chief-town of Piedmont-icon Piedmontball, in Italy-icon Italyball.

It was the capital of Sardinia-Piedmontball, and became the first Capital City of Kingdom of Italyball, before being substituted with Florenceball and later Romeball. Turinball can into being called "the middle of the Northern Hemisphere" since it's the biggest cityball equally distant from the North Pole and the Equator.

Turinball is famous for Gianduiotti (chocolate) and also for the Mole Antonelliana. It also has the second biggest Museum of Egyptian antiquities, only second to Cairo's one.

In Turinball, also, there's the Shroud of Jesus Christ whose history before Middle Ages is uncertain.

Its greatest achievement was hosting the Winter Olympics in 2006.

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