Turkish Kurdistanball, sometimes called Northern Kurdistanball, is a region in Turkeyball that wants to free it's clay from kebab rule, but can not into freedom. Iranball, Turkeyball, USAball and Azerbaijanball consider Turkish Kurdistanball a terrorist.

Turkish Kurdistanball is friends with Armeniaball, Greeceball, and Cyprusball since they're all against Turkeyball, Turkish Kurdistanball was also allied with Syriaball until the Kurdish civil war from 1994 to 1997.

Turkish Kurdistanball is now closely allied with his brother Iranian Kurdistanball, who hates Turkeyball as much as Turkish Kurdistanball hates Turkeyball.

How to Draw

  • Draw a circle and fill it with orange-tinted red
  • Draw a gold circle then outline it with green
  • Draw a red star inside the green circle
  • Draw the eyes and you've finished

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