Turkmeneliball, also known as Turcomaniaball, is an ethnic land of the Iraqi Turkmens.



  • Turkeyball - One of my brothers, he's helping me and my poor daddy.
  • Iraqball - Good friends, is taking care of me.
  • Turkmenistanball - Poor daddy, I wish I could join him.
  • Assyriaball - Together removing ISIS, we are having fun. Even he had some bad relations with Turkey they are now compatible.


  • Rojavaball - We are removing ISIS also, but he likes Kurdistan(In fact, he is Syrian Kurdistan) and hates Turkey. DIE!


  • Kurdistanball - Y U NO GIVE ME INDEPENDENCE??? I HATE YOU! FUCK YUO, YOU LOVE ISIS AND YOU ARE LYING THAT TURKEY SUPPORTS ISIS!!! 2015 WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!! Has psychological problems and doesn't give me independence. Oh well.

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