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Turks and Caicosball, also known as British Turkeyball And 11st Province Of Canadaball, is a British Overseas Territory. Despite their name, Turks and Caicosball is not Turkey-icon.png Kebab.

Canada-icon.png Canadaball likes visiting their clay for vacation, and considers himself Canadian clay even though they aren’t Canadian clay. But their father likes to keep their brother out.


Turks and Caicosball was born as a 7ball and later adopted by UK-icon.png UKball, Bahamas-icon.png Bahamasball and Jamaica-icon.png Jamaicaball.

Turks and Caicosball has quite a close friendship with Canada-icon.png Canadaball, and has gone on to demand the status of a region in Canadaball's clay. They have not had their wish granted, and continues dreaming of one day allowing Canada to into Caribbean.

How to draw

Turks and Caicosball is based on the British Blue Ensign.

  1. Color the basic circle stripe of this blue
  2. Draw the Union Jack in the up-left quarter (using this red and white)
  3. Draw the coat of arms of Turks and Caicos
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished