Tuxtla Gutiérrezball, shortened as Tuxtlaball, is the chief-town of Chiapasball.


He's a scruffy cityball who does not care about his rivers like his Sabinal River and his historic monuments like his main Spanish cathedral, which was mysteriously the largest of Chiapasball, and also is a cityball which is very ordinary (one of the most ordinary cityballs of Mexicoball), like a cityball of any large city. He loves to work long hours in the office and complete their week at parties by getting drunk. There is plenty of evidence that the government of Mexicoball in the twentieth century hid his true story in favor of giving more prominence to the cityball and region of a bride of several major Mexican politicians at the time. Strangely, none of this kind of thing has a demoralizing effect on him. He has an antidote to these things. He is a very lonely cityball, because other cityballs of large cities are far from his (in other states even).


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