The UNESCOball (short for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizationball) is a aspecialized agency of the UNball. It has 192 members. 

It was founded on 4 November 1946 and his head office is in Parisball, Franceball.

Cultural activities seek the protection of cultural heritage by encouraging the creation and creativity and the preservation of cultural and oral traditions entities, as well as the promotion of books and reading.

Its main objective is to reduce illiteracy in the world. For this UNESCO funding training for teachers, one of his oldest activities is the creation of schools in refugee areas.

In the area of science and technology, promoted research to guide the exploitation of natural resources. Other important programs are the protection of cultural and natural heritage beyond the development of the media. UNESCO established the World Heritage Centre to coordinate the preservation and restoration of historical heritage sites, with operations in 112 countries.

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