The UNPO or Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization is an organization for those who do not feel represented as people or nations that also do not have a seat at the UN-icon UN.


Aceh-icon Acehball

Armenia-icon Armeniaball

Australian Aborigines-icon Australian Aboriginalsball

Cordillera-icon Cordilleraball

Tatars-icon Crimean Tatarsball

Uyghur-icon East Turkestanball

Estonia-icon Estoniaball

Georgia2004-icon Georgiaball

Northern Epirus-icon Greek minority in Albaniaball

Kurdistan-icon Iraqi Kurdistanball

Latvia-icon Latviaball

Palau-icon Palauball

Taiwan-icon Taiwanball

Tatarstan-icon Tatarstanball

Tibet-icon Tibetball

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