The UN, or United Nations is an inter-countryball club (intergovernmental organization) created after Nazi-icon Naziball and Japanese-Empire-icon Japanball's mental breakdowns. His father was League of Nations-icon League of Nationsball, and now his task is to prevent WW3 from happening and nukes from firing, but we can all see he isn't doing a very good job. DON’T QUIT YOUR DAYJOB!



Almost every single countryball and some organizations on Earth-icon Earthball, but the most relevants are:


  • Myanmar-icon Myanmarball - Stop killing the Rohingya, they did nothing to you! Looks like you're getting a fresh set of sanctions.
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball - Stop with that aggression! I'll give you more sanctions if you dont stop! Stop nuking.
  • Palestine-icon Palestineball - Almost into UN but Israelcube doesn't allow it in.
  • Israel-icon Israelcubethe Arab bloc forced me to say that it is always committing human rights violations against Palestineball.
  • Philippines-icon Philippinesball - You prevented so many kebabs and protected your country during the Asian war. You are good... Well, I forgive you for threatening me to leave me. Just don't do it again, OK? Also, please tell your Duterte-icon president to stop criticizing us, OK? I of needings rice, many rice.
  • Taiwan-icon Taiwanball - Look, I'm sorry for kicking you out, but you aren't allowed back in until more countries recognize you.


UN Security Council

The Big Five

WWII winners, defeater of Naziball

The G4

Most improbable candidates for a permanent seat.

2019's Non Permanent Members

Former Members


Disputed States not in the UN





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