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UPAball (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) was a WWII army/insurgent group of Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball that fought for Ukraine-icon.png Ukrainian independence. He was at war with other nationalists, but sometimes he asked for help. He got defeated by Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball. There are some UPA supporters in present day, but it's existence is unknown.


UPA-icon.png UPA was born in 1942, when Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball killed Ukraine-icon.png Free Ukrainian Stateball. Their main goal was Ukrainian independence.

They fought against Nazi-icon.png Nazis and their collaborators (Melnykists and SS Galizien), Soviet-icon.png Red Army, Soviet partisans and Polish Underground State-icon.png Polish Home Army.

Despite the popular belief, supported by Poland-icon.png Poles and Russia-icon.png Russians, UPA were not Nazi collaborators. Although a year before its formation, notable nationalist leaders did work with Nazi-icon.png Nazis, hoping that they would give them independence, formed the Nachtigall and Roland battalions, both composing of mostly Ukrainans. On 30th June, 1941, Free Ukrainian Stateball was proclaimed, but it didn't last long because German forces betrayed them, imprisoning most leaders and putting some of them in concentration camps, like Sachsenhausen.

It is true that UPA were responsible for the 1943 massacres against the Poland-icon.png Poles in Volhynia and they don't deny that it happened.

Overall, the history of UPA is very complicated, and due to the abundance of Poland-icon.png Polish and Russia-icon.png Russian propanganda, it's hard to find any unbiased information about them.




  • Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball - DIRTY OPPRESSOR!! Lettings me go!
  • Ukrainian SSR-icon.png Ukrainian SSR - He genocided наш народ and yuo still fight for that Soviet-icon.png нелюд?!
  • Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball - Я can't believe I was настільки дурним to trust you and you also imprisoned my leaders! ХУДОБА ГІТЛЕРІВСЬКА, ЩОБ ТИ ЗДОХЛА! Why do people still thinkings I like them, when I clearly їх ненавиджу?!
  • Second Polish Republic-icon.png Second Polish Republicball - Я just took back what's моє and kicked colonizers like ти геть! Так, I went занадто далеко in Volhynia and I don't deny різанини.
  • Polish Underground State-icon.png Polish Underground Stateball - And the same goes to yuo! Геть, colonizing oppressor!
  • Ukrainian National Committee-icon.png Fake Ukraine - THAT Nazi-icon.png СВОЛОТА IS USING YUO! GETTING OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!
  • Angola-icon.png Angolaball - FLAG STEALER!!!

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