Ukrainian People's Republicball was a people's republicball in Europe.

To avoid confusion with present-day Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball, sometimes his (unofficial) flag is drawn upside down.


Ukrainian People's Republicball was born as a 2-icon.png 2ball, later adopted by Slavs-icon.png Slavsball, Kievan Rus-icon.png Kievan Rusball and then Russian-Empire-icon.png Russian Empireball, before becoming independent.

Officially proclaimed autonomy on 20th November, 1917, and on 22nd January, 1918 declared independence.

He was overthrown in a coup by Hetmanate-icon.png Ukrainian Stateball in April, 1918, but in December the same year, following Hetmanate-icon.png Hetman's resignation, he came back.

During the Polish-Soviet War both sides invaded Ukrainian People's Republicball even though he was neutral in that war.

In 22nd January, 1919, act of Unity was proclaimed and both Ukrainian People's Republic-icon.png Ukrainian People's Republicball and Ukraine-icon.png West Ukrainian People's Republicball have become one country. Unfortunately, they did not last long, as by 18th of July the same year Poland-icon.png Polandball has fully occupied and annexed WUPRball while the Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball has occupied the rest of Ukrainian People's Republic-icon.png Ukrainian People's Republicball by 1921.





How to draw

Draw Ukrainian People's Republicball is very simple

  1. Draw a circle
  2. Then draw a blue/yellow stripe in centre then colour flag.
  3. Put eyes and you're finished. 


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