Umayyadball was a Caliphate that stretched from Spain-icon Spainball and Portugal-icon Portugal to modern day India-icon Indiaball.

It was a big caliphate that conquered a lot of lands, and reigned in the region of Al-Andalus and the Middle East. It was first created in the 7th Century A.D. and invaded modern day Algeriaball and Moroccoball. Then he took the central part of the Byzantine-icon Byzantine Empire followed by more of Central Asia. He thought he could invade France. In 750, the Abbasid-icon Abbasids beat him up and made his run all the way to Hispanic territories. The Visigoths had retreated to Northern Hispania, leaving the remaining Hispanic land to the Umayyadball. After a period known as 'Reconquista', Umayyadball transformed into Emirate of Granadaball, and was killed by Castile-icon Kingdom of Castileball, now Spain-icon Spainball, in 1492 A.D.


  • Abbasid-icon Abbasidball - STOP REBELLING!!!
  • Turkic Khaganate-icon Gokturkball - Remove Turks!! Remove Tengriism! Remove Tengriists! Why you didn’t become a muslim?? He defeated me in a war and prevented me to spread islam to him and Central Asia.
  • Byzantine-icon Byzantine Empireball - Repelled Me from taking his Constantinople. Never forget 717AD!
  • Umayyad-icon Emirate of Córdobaball - My genius son who made Spain into lavish land. Shukron for tolerating the jews.
  • Abbasid-icon Abu Muslim - My ungratefull Persian general who rebelled me to establish Abbasids, remove!
  • Francia-icon Franksball - Stupid surrender frog made my flag looks weak! Never forget battle of Tours!
  • Sassanid-icon Dabuyidball - Little Majusi (Zoroastrian) neighbour who always fail attacking Me.
  • Khazaria-icon Khazariacube - A kaffir Jewish Turk that prevented me to reach the Upper Black Sea.
  • France-icon Flag Stealer - 1940 WORST DAY OF MY LIFE! REMOVE ALL DESCENDANTS OF Francia-icon THAT FROG!

How to draw

Umayyadball easiest countryball to draw:

  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Draw the eyes and you have finished.


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