The United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarvesball was a union of several territories and colonies, that was assumed in 1815.


During the Napoleonic-icon Napoleonic invasions, Napoleonic-icon Franceball created the Continental Blockade forbidding European countries to trade with UK-icon UKball . Yet Portugalball continued to trade with UK-icon UKball , so Napoleonic-icon Franceball threatened to attack Portuguese Empire-icon Portugalball if it did not stop trading. Portuguese Empire-icon Portugalball was in a moment of tension, for UK-icon UKball was a great ally, but Portuguese Empire-icon Portugalball would lose a war with Napoleonic-icon Napoleon.

With the help of the UK-icon British, the royal family flees to Portuguese Brazil-iconBrazilball . Napoleonic-icon Napoleon still tries to conquer Kingdom of Portugal-icon Portugalball but ends up losing. Although the war is over, the royal family did not want to leave Portuguese Brazil-icon Brazilball and elevated it to a Brazilian Kingdom-icon kingdom , thus creating the United Kingdom of Portugal Brazil and Algarves-icon United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarvesball with the capital in Imperial Rio de Janeiro-icon Rio de Jalneiroball .

Revolts, Independence and the End

The Portuguese were not unhappy and wanted the royal family to return since they were now ruled by the UK-icon UKball . Then on August 24, 1820, the Revolution of Porto-icon Portoball  took place, the royal family returned to Kingdom of Portugal-icon Portugalball . However, D. João VI names his son Pedro as prince regent of Brazilian Kingdom-icon Brazilball .

The Portuguese wanted Brazilian Kingdom-icon Brazilball to return to being a  Portuguese Brazil-icon colony . But D. Pedro was against these ideas, for which he declared independence from Kingdom of Brazil (1822)-icon Brazilball in 1822. There was also the Portuguese Civil War in which D. Pedro fought against the "Miguelistas." He ended up winning and abdicating his throne to his daughter putting an end to United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarvesball, although officially, the Union last until 1825, when the Kingdom of Portugal-icon Kingdom of Portugalball recongnized the independence of the Brazilian Empire-icon Empire of Brazilball.

Kingdoms within United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarvesball

United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarvesball is a combined kingdom of two kingdoms and a province with a title of kingdom three kingdoms.

  • Kingdom of Portugal-icon Kingdom of Portugalball - The main ball of this united kingdom, he is suposed to be the leader, but the royal family prefer Brazilian Kingdom-icon Brazilball. After 1820 the King returns to Kingdom of Portugal-icon Portugalball and he becames the leader of the union.
  • Brazilian Kingdom-icon Kingdom of Brazilball - former Portuguese colony, the Portuguese people didn't like him to stop being a colony.
  • Kingdom of the Algarve-icon Kingdom of the Algarvesball - The third ball of the union. In reality it is technically not a kingdom of the union since it is only a Portuguese province with the title of kingdom and which has remained in the name of this united kingdom.

How to Draw

That's how to draw United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarvesball:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of white.
  2. Draw the coat of arms of United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves and the crown in the centre.
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.

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