My first, second, and third wishes are all unification.
— Kim Koo (1876 ~ 1949),
a reunification activist of Korea

Unified Korea-icon Unified Koreaball , or just Koreaball , is a proposed future country that would be born from North Korea-icon North Koreaball and South Korea-icon South Koreaball uniting. In reality, he would be the Unified Korea-icon True Koreaball (without joke), his soul and body is just divided in two versions of himself and according to the "scientist" Japan-icon Japanball. Current both Unified Korea-icon Koreaballs want to reunite become this country again, but they disagree on many things, so they cannot into unification for now.

It's predicted that North Korea-icon North Koreaball won't last more than 20 years, so they can be joined soon. The ways in which this could happen are many, with North Korea-icon North Koreaball possibly invading South Korea-icon South Koreaball, but obviously this would not last long, as South Korea-icon South Koreaball has many strong supporters. The most likely way, however, would be if the Korean War started again (since both Koreas have possibly agreed to end the conflict in 2018), in which North Korea-icon North Koreaball's clay would be given to South Korea-icon South Koreaball, or China-icon Chinaball takes North Korea-icon North Koreaball's clay. In 2018, the two presidents of South Korea-icon South Koreaball and North Korea-icon North Koreaball met, and this could end with a Unified Korea-icon United Korea, however this is quite unlikely.         

How to Draw

  1. Draw a nice sphere and color the inside white
  2. Draw the Korean peninsula with South Korea-icon Dokdoball, South Korea-icon Ulleungdoball, and Jeju Special Autonomous Province-icon Jeju-doball
  3. Draw slant-eyes and you've finished.


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