Upper Austria-icon Upper Austriaball is a land of Austria-icon Austriaball. Hitler-icon Hitler was born there, which he still regrets today for the death of millions, but despite that, he's also famous for Hallstattball (one of the most beautiful villages) and Fuckingball, as well don't forget Anton Bruckner.


For a long period of the Middle Ages, much of what would become Upper Austria constituted Traungau, a region of the Duchy of Bavariaball, while the area around Steyrball was part of the Duchy of Styriaball (which derives its name from the city). In the mid 13th century it became known as the Principality above the Enns River ('Fürstentum ob der Enns'), this name being first recorded in 1264. (At the time, the term "Upper Austria" also included Tyrol and various scattered Habsburg possessions in South Germany.) In 1490, the area was given a measure of independence within the Holy Roman Empire, with the status of a principality. By 1550, there was a Protestant majority. In 1564, Upper Austriaball, together with Lower Austriaball and the Bohemian territories, fell under Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II. At the start of the 17th century, the counter-reformation was instituted under Emperor Rudolf II and his successor Matthias. After a military campaign, the area was under the control of Bavaria for some years in the early 17th century. The Innviertel was ceded from the Electorate of Bavariaball to Upper Austria in the Treaty of Teschen in 1779, in there Hitler was born one century later. During the Napoleonic Wars, Upper Austriaball was occupied by the French army on more than one occasion. In 1918, after the collapse of Austria-Hungaryball, the name "Oberösterreich" was used to describe the province of the new Austria, but when Hitler, the Nazi dictator, who had been born in the Upper Austrian town of Braunau am Inn arrived in Upper Austria (Linzball), Upper Austriaball became Reichsgau Oberdonau, although this also included the southern part of the Sudetenlandball, annexed from Czechoslovakiaball, and a small part of Styriaball. In 1945, Upper Austriaball was partitioned between the American zone to the south and the Soviet zone to the north. Today, Upper Austriaball is Austriaball's leading industrial region, such as the Voestalpine. As of 2009, it accounted for approximately a quarter of the country's exports.


The Gross domestic product (GDP) of the state was 65.9 billion € in 2018, accounting for 17.1% of the Austriaball's economic output. That's the second largest GDP after Viennaball, in which he is proud. However, he's also the 2nd most infected Austrian state currently, which could damage his economy.

How to draw

Draw Upper Austriaball isn't difficult:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into two horizontal stripes, white and red
  2. Draw the coat of arms of Upper Austria in the center
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.




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