Andrew Do

aka Doro Tamamoto / Andrew Nguyen

  • I live in Swde
  • My occupation is Nevermind
  • I am Male

Pakistan is fake kebab

FJloO3G This user is Italian.
SS This user is Arab.
"سوم الكثير من النفط!"
Syria strong This user is Syrian.
"Allah, Suriya, Bashar w bass!!"

Czechoslovakia Ball This user is Czechoslovak.
Czechiaball (Userbox) This user is Czech.
"Česko může mít pivo!"
Slovakia Ball This user is Slovak.
"Dont forget! We of existings!"
Malaysiaball This user is Malaysian.
"Di mana pesawat saya? Bukan salah saya!"
10439323 331036240389692 4634932731370941595 n This user is Indonesian.
"If yuo callings me polan one more time!"
PNG This user is Papua New Guinean.
"I love nature!"
PhilippinesballSB This user is Filipino.
"Pinoy malakas! remove drugs! Duterte Duterte!"
1017393 160438320807803 2063060775 n This user is Laotian.
Thailandavatarimage This user is Thai.
"Prathet Thai Chong Charoen!"
734839 123081847860125 1037531438 n This user is American.
"God bless 'Murica."

999314 575176442532520 179331108 n This user is Cambodian.
"Angkor Wat much Glory!"
Myanmarball This user is Burmese.
"Thailand pls"
1003028 334017450065507 629693701 n This user is Texan.
Californiaball-0 This user is Californian.
"Gib Baja California! And independence!"
This user is Male.
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This user is neutral
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