{Infobox countryball|name = Anonymous1249-iconRepublic of KyrisiaballAnonymous1249-icon |nativename = Anonymous1249-icon Tääkvõlte Kyyrisiakääte |caption = Hiljaa kätsii, Yrträäke Lõkkiive (Quiet please, I am trying to read) |personality = Neutral, Peaceful, Rich, Very Intelligent, Innovative, Professional, Logical, Tech-savvy, Quiet and Reserved, Introvert, Somewhat Shy, Observant, Humble, Very Irreligious |language = Anonymous1249-icon Kyrisian |type = Ural-iconUralic |capital = Anonymous1249(Division)-iconWhitebridgeball |affiliation = UN-icon UNball EFTA-icon EFTAball |religion = Atheism-icon Atheism |friends = None Because he is Neutral and Introverted
Good Relations:
|enemies = Bad Relations: |likes = Computers, KRK, Electric Cars, Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Scientist-iconScience, Philosophy, Career, Swearing, Vodka, 🍷Wine, Studying, Professionalism, Marshes, 🌲Pine Forests, 🦉Owls, Sarcasm, Dark Humour, Dark Bread, Rationality, Freethinking, Staying Up Late and Doing Research, Alone Time, Atheism, Music (Especially Classical and Techno), Singing and Dancing, Chess, Atheism, Evolutionism, Sustainability (Only Country to meet UN-iconUNball Sustainable Development Goals), |hates = Marriage (outdated institution), The Letter C, Bragging, Small Talk, Stupid People, Irrationality, Conspiracy Theories, Religion, Disturbance Of Alone Time, Parties (book and a chair please), Technophobia, When He Gets Cold Sores, |intospace = yes |bork = Tech Tech, Quiet Quiet, |food = Veriivõrst, Sour Cream, Kääme, Pea soup, Häppiikapse (Sauerkraut), Kõivüümake (Birch Sap), Herring, Lingonberries |status = Alive |notes = Reading, Swearing, Innovating, Programming Computers Making dark and sarcastic jokes, Doing weird crap at 2:00 AM, Changing the World, You know typical alone time. }}Kyrisiaball officially the Republic of Kyrisiaball is a countryball that lives in the Baltic sea. His capital is Anonymous1249(Division)-icon Whitebridgeball. He is the --- most populous country in the world with a population of 689.7 thousand inhabitants. He also has the highest HDI in the world.

Kyrisia is a member of EFTA-icon EFTAball as well as a member of UN-icon UNball, like almost every other country.

He is often drawn with glasses in reference to the stereotype that every Kyrisian is a genius.

His national day is on September 14th and his astrological sign is Virgo.


Flag Colours

The flag of Kyrisia is a tricolour composing the colours blue, white, and yellow

Philippine Blue 0, 35, 149 C100-M77-Y0-K42 #0039A6
White 255,255,255 N/A #FFFFFF
Cream Yellow 247,224,23 C0-M9-Y91-K3 #faff7f

Blue Represents: Intelligence, Stability, and Professionalism

White Represents: Peace, Cleanliness, and Perfection

Yellow Represents: Rationality, Curiosity, and Thought





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