Hungaryball This user is Hungarian.
"Must build fence!"
Irela(n)d This user is Irish.
"Ádh liom!"
Sloveniaball This user is Slovene.
"Trst je naš, Gorica pa še bo!"
LITHUANIA This user is Lithuanian.
"Smolensk is ours!"
734839 123081847860125 1037531438 n This user is American.
"God bless 'Murica."
Poloniaball 6 This user is Polish.
"O kurwa!"
Nationalismball This user is Nationalist.
"Long live our nation and homeland!"
Capitalismball2 This user is Capitalist.
"Mr. Money will beat Hammer & Sickle!"
Christianflagball This user is Christian.
"Father, Son and Holy Spirit"

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