Belarusball (Communist Version, still cute)

Hi, my name is Belarusball1. I am Filippino-American, and I love Polandball. That's why I am here on this wiki today. I make a HECK ton of edits, mostly from just responding on the forum. My favorite countryball is Belarusball, hence my name. I will be participating as Belarus on the next edition of the PWSC (which is taking a long time to start....). Let's hope I win this edition! Anyways, thanks for visiting my profile! Be sure to look at my great user infobox and my contributions to this wiki! This is Sparta. CHANGE MY MIND

My favorite pages


Favorite Countryballs

Belarus-icon.png Belarusball- My favorite countryball, also the namesake of my account (Potatoes, anyone? XD)

USA-icon.png USAball- My homeland. LONG LIVE 'MURICA

Russia-icon.png Russiaball- Russia stronk!

Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball- I serve the Soviet Union XAXAXAXAXA jk lol Very cool communist :D

Mapping Games

Look, I'm a mapping game lover and get involved in them. Here is the list and the countries I play as:

1836 Mapping Game: RussianEmpire-icon.png Russian Empire

Tribes of china mapping game: Manchuria-icon.png Manchu Kingdom

Other mapping games: Either Turkey-icon.png Turkey, Ottoman-Empireball-By-Billythecorndog.png Ottoman Empire, or Neo-Ottomania




-Country: Greece -Artist: BTS -Song: Idol -Place Finished: 12th place (so close to top 11!)

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"God bless 'Murica."
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"Pinoy malakas! remove drugs! Duterte Duterte!"
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"Habemus papam!"
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"Mr. Money will beat Hammer & Sickle!"
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"Blue Crabs and Old Bay are the best!."
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"I love Potato, Belarus, 'Murica, and Sparta. This is Sparta. CHANGE MY MIND. "
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