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你好! Welcome/Bienvenue/Bienvenida/Saluton, individual known as "you"! I am Bouncyy(1).png Bouncyy(2).png Bouncyy.

About me

I am a 17 year old Canadian currently living in Ontario. I am Malaysian-Chinese, but I was born in Toronto, Canada. My mother is Malaysian-Chinese and my father is a French-British Canadian. Though my mother was born in Malaysia, I and my father were born in Canada. I got a PC for my birthday last year and discovered the Polandball meme and quickly gained interest in History and many other things. Though I am not the biggest fan of history, I still like many things associated with it. I also play many videogames and they're possibly my highest priority in the internet.I also know many languages such as French, Malaysian, Chinese and English but I am not perfect at these languages so I make mistakes ocassionally.

Also if you want to be my friend, just ask! I accept every friend request.

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  • ZARGH-icon.png NeyaAmhed-icon.png Kazakhpore-icon.png Carlo-icon.png Ross-icon.png Dark Sonic 14 real-icon.png THE UNITED PATRIOTS  (United Patriots-icon.png TUNP) Mtcat101-icon.png TriangleAlliance-icon.png Bouncyy(1).png CuteSushiPizza-icon.png ChineseSocialist 1-icon.png - My first actual online friends group! (other than the many IRL friends group I have had in the past, also my Fortnite squads don't count) Its members are really nice people, and I am friends with all of them. We are a guild in PixelPlace, we roleplay as countries and we talk about many things in general.

  • Mtcat101-icon.png Mtcat - My very first friend on this website, also apolitical and neutral. He's a nice person as well.
  • TriangleAlliance-icon.png Ally (聯盟) - A good friend from Hong Kong who is also Chinese Malaysian. Though we disagree politically in the Chinese territorial claims, I think he's a very nice individual.
  • User Icon MLCHN.png MLCHN - Another person from Mainland China, though recently he has gone pretty inactive.
  • XinHai City-icon.png Triangapore-hat-XH-icon.png XinHai / XH - Chinese-Singaporean friend, he's a city as well. If I ever go to Singapore for the 3rd time then I am going to visit XinHai City, if it really does exist.
  • ZARGH-icon.png ZARGH - Algerian muslim friend, I wish to know more about Algerian culture because it seems like an interesting country. I don't think he likes Canada very much but he does like China.
  • Kazakhpore-icon.png Peanut Butter Jelly Time (PB) - Nice person, Singaporean-Kazakh (with Mongolian and Taiwanese blood) friend who also recognizes Taiwan. Our userball styles are very similar, his fusing Kazakhstan and Singapore and mine fusing Canada and China.
  • NeyaAmhed-icon.png Number1Dfan - Turkish-Ethiopian friend, she seems like a nice person so we're friends now. Ethiopia is also a nice country.
  • SouthAfricaRules-icon.png South Africa Rules - German-American, the founder of the Polandball Political Party Wiki.
  • DevilishCookie-icon.png Devilish - Bangladeshi friend, she's a good artist and also a nice person.
  • Carlo-icon.png Carlo (The.) - Saludos desde Ontario. He is a friend from Mexico who is a new member to The United Patriots. He made the first drawing of my userball on the wiki as well.
  • CuteSushiPizza-icon.png CSP - Nice person, though I do not know much about him.
  • VardanC-icon.png Vardan - Polandball Wiki Discord Server councillor and my friend from Armenia.
  • ⳥⳧⳩ - I am running out of things to say in this friends list but he's an epic Singaporean


Bouncyy(1).png Main icon - By Mtcat101-icon.png Mtcat101

Bouncyy(2).png Secondary icon - By Mtcat101-icon.png Mtcat101

CanadA-flag-bouncyy-icon.gif Me holding a Canadian flag - By latest?cb=20180403131008 FriedWAffles

Bounccy-shoot-happi-icon.gif Me shooting an assault rifle - By latest?cb=20180403131008 FriedWAffles

Bouncyytangle.gif Me turning into a tangle - By SouthAfricaRules-icon.png Southafircarules


China and Asia:

  • China-icon.png Mainland China is de-facto part of the China-icon (hat).png PRC.
  • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan is part of Macau-icon.png Macau, smh how could you guys have been so blind? de-facto controlled by Taiwan-icon.png Republic of China, though de-jure controlled by the China-icon.png PRC. Chinese-Taipei-icon.png
  • Hong Kong-icon.png Hong Kong is de-facto a SAR of the China-icon.png PRC, though de-jure a hybrid of China-icon.png Mainland China and Hong Kong-icon.png its own country. If not, it is either British Hong Kong-icon.png British or Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanese, since the UK-icon.png had a treaty with Qing and once Qing collapsed it became the Republic of China-icon (1912-1928).png Republic of China but after the Chinese Civil War, the China-icon (hat).png Communist/Socalist-side established their own government into Mainland China and the government of the Taiwan-icon.png Republic of China fled to the island of Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan which is de-facto controlled by Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan, therefore Taiwan would be the successor of Qing, so either British Hong Kong-icon.png British or Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanese, though I think it is a SAR.
  • Spratly-icon.png Spratly should be an UN-controlled zone, though it is historically China-icon.png Chinese.
  • Diaoyutai/Senkaku Islands are officially Japan-icon.png Japanese or Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanese, but it was discovered by the China-icon.png Chinese.

Middle East:

  • Palestine-icon.png Palestine and Israel-icon.png Israel are both independent.


  • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovo is not an independent, let alone a sovereign country. De jure, Kosovo-icon.png Kosovo is Serbia-icon.png Serbia. Though de facto, Kosovo-icon.png Kosovo is independent in appearance only, and clearly aimed toward Albania-icon.png Albania.
  • Crimea-icon.png Crimea is a part of the territory of Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine, and that part of territory of Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine is currently controlled by Russia-icon.png Russian forces.

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