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  • I live in Czechiaball
  • My occupation is Polandball Wiki content moderator and contributor
  • I am making ultra kawaii polandballs with big eyes
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Hi, I am Bresbeba, content moderator of this wiki.

About me

I started with polandballs at the end of 2014. In April 2015 I found this wiki. Near start of July, I wanted to be a contributor here, and no only see others' work. Maybe I started to want to it when I saw some about users and wars on some very ugly wiki today, but forget about it. On 4th August, I created an account and week after it I did my first contribution - on page Českoball on Czech version of this wiki i fixed some bugs. My first contribution on English version was on page Georgiaball - I added second börk. In April 2016, i started to make lot of new pages. Today (26th September 2017), I am content moderator of this wiki and with 3 040 points I am 12th on leaderboard.

I live in Kolín, Central Bohemia district, Czech Republic. I like Geography, History, national anthems and foreign languages (my favourite is Japanese). I am winner of Czech Geography olympics 2016. I have 14 polandball plushies and 7 polandball T-shirts.


My templates

Czechiaball (Userbox) This user is Czech.
"Česko může mít pivo!"

To do

Currently I am recreating the second-level administrative divisions of the Estonia-icon Republic of Estonia because of the 2017 administrative reform.

My plaques from Polandball Wikia's Choice Awards

South Korea best korea - 5 votes. now: which is best name of Georgia?

The poll was created at 14:08 on May 11, 2016, and so far 53 people have voted.
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