Button Dynasty

aka Button Dynasty Animation

  • I live in Ankara, Turkey
  • I was born on October 31
  • My occupation is Living for today
  • I am a piece of shit
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I like Polandball. The fandom account of Button DynastyiconButton Dynasty Animation! I dont like telling about myself much... If you want more information about the country Button DynastyiconButton Dynasty visit:

Turkey Modern countryball This user is Turkish.
"Kebabı savunun!"
Ankaraball This user is Ankaralı.
"Ankaranın bağları da büklüm büklüm yolları"
This user is Male.
Woken up This user is currently Semi–active.
"I have things to do elsewhere"
Authleft This user is Authoritarian Left.
2-icon0-icon1-icon8-icon This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2018
Ecofriendlinessball This user is Eco-Friendly.
"You must take care of our Earth!"
Kitty(new) This user likes cats and kittens.
""Meow, purrr""
Sealander This user is Sealander.
Xilai This user is Anticapitalist.
"Better dead than American puppet!"

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