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  • I live in Calgary, Alberta
  • I was born on May 12
  • My occupation is Future Christian Priest
  • I am Male

Byz-icon (Ghosts) Byzantivm-Proper-Sleep-icon Bizcanada-icon Hello and welcome to my userpage! Byzantivmball-icon (Portuguese Explorer) Byzantivme smiling-icon-2 Byz-icon

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Remember: I am too dangerous to be dangerous!

Byz's born after 1996 can't conquer Constantinople. All they know is be with the calgary flames, shitpost, draw stuff, be christian, eat tim horton and die
LeLegionnare-icon El José
IDrowzee-icon #I'mWithRegan

Roma Aeternvm! The Roman Empire shall soon see the light of day once more!

Howdy! My name is Lvcas, otherwise known as Byz-icon Byz-Venetikos, otherwise known as Byz! I don't really blend well with strangers, but if you prove yourself, you may label me as a friend.

Just to let any one know, I don't personally make my friends; either I'm introduced by them to them OR someone else introduces them to me.

How to Draw


I know that someone out there is gonna try to draw me. Just in case, here are my flag colours for each flag should you somehow mess it up.

My Current Flag

Sanguine 187, 14, 9 C0-M93-Y95-K27 #BB0E09
Or 255, 191, 1 C0-M25-Y100-K0 #FFBF01
  1. Draw a circle
  2. Colour it Sanguine
  3. Draw a tetragramatical-cross Or
  4. Draw a white kalimavkion with a yellow Chi-Rho in the centre
  5. Draw eyes and presto

Edgy Flag

Sable 14, 14, 14 C0-M0-Y0-K25 #0E0E0E
Gules 231, 0, 7 C0-M100-Y97-K9 #E70007
Argent 255, 255, 255 {{{color3-cmyk}}} #FFFFF
  1. Draw a circle
  2. Colour it Sable
  3. Draw a tetragramatical-cross Gules
  4. In the centre of the cross, do the following:
    1. Draw a Shield
    2. Split it in half vertically
    3. Left side Gules, draw a Frisian Eagle Sable beaked and clawed Argent
    4. Right side Sable, draw half of a cross gules; On top of the cross, write "IC" and on the bottom, "XC"
  5. Draw a military hat of some sort, I really don't care
  6. Draw eyes and presto

Carolina Flag

Purpure 111, 17, 56 C0-M85-Y50-K56 #6F1138
Or 255, 191, 1 C0-M25-Y100-K0 #FFBF01
Sanguine 187, 14, 9 C0-M93-Y95-K27 #BB0E09
  1. Draw a circle
  2. Split it in half vertically
  3. Left side Purpure, right side Sanguine
  4. In the dead centre, draw the eagle of the Principality of Theodoro, Or
  5. Give her a bow and a flower of some sort, again, don't really care
  6. Draw eyes and presto

Important Pages

National Anthems

Here is a list of the national anthems I have memorized (from first to latest):

  • Canada-icon (soldier) Oh, Canada En/Fr (markedly)
  • Vatican-icon Inno E Marcia Pontificale
  • Greece-icon (modern soldier)Cyprus-icon Ύμνος εις την Ελευθερίαν
  • Francoist Spain-icon Marcha Real (Franco)
  • Israel-icon Hatikva
  • France-icon La Marsellaise
  • Netherlands-icon Het Wilhelmus
  • Portugal-icon (modern soldier) A Portuguesa
  • Brazilian Empire-icon Hino da Independência
  • Norwegian-Empire-icon Sønner af Norge
  • Bavaria-icon Bayerhymne
  • Russian-Empire-icon Боже, Царя Xрани
  • Norway-icon Ja, Vi Elsker Dette Landet!
  • Luxembourg-icon (Belgium) De Wilhelmus
  • Canada-icon (Red Ensign) Maple Leaf Forever
  • Belgium-icon La Brabançonne Fr/De/Ne
  • Saxony-icon Sachsenlied
  • Iceland-icon Ó Guð Vors Lands!
  • Italy-icon Il Canto Delgli Italiani
  • Denmark-icon Det Er Et Yndigt Land
  • Norway-iconDenmark-icon Norges Skaal
  • Brazil-icon Hino Nacional Brasileiro Pt
  • Vatican-icon Noi Vogliam Dio
  • Union of South Africa-icon Die Stem van Suid-Afrika
  • UK-icon God Save the Queen
  • Monaco-icon Hymne Monegasque


  • Hayastanball-icon Hayastanball The brains behind my userbox, thanks for that! (Haya)
  • Akkokun-icon (Shiny) AkkoKun Fellow Brazilian, weeb, and a monarchist!Long live Lord Tachanka! (Akko)
  • WKBK-icon WKBK One of the grand dukes of Crappostembourgh and fellow mod. Hilariously, we share a LOT in common. TEXIT GANG YEEEEEEHAWWW!! (Arky)
  • Saxiball-icon (crown) Saxiball Hispaniola-Finn friend who is a really good artist. Has Sevapact-Icon multiple Saxi Union-icon personality disorder (Saxi)
  • Lorenzo07-icon Lorenzo Italian friend! Mater meum! He is a very nice person overall. (Lory)
  • Switz1815-icon Switzerlandball Friend I met on the Polandball Wiki Official Discord Server™ who is totally not an Indian Commie (Switz)
  • Kitty-Icon Shadow A she's been around for a while, but now that she's officially of-age, I can safely put her here. (Sombra)
  • Candi-Icon Candia1905 Actually a personal friend that I've known since grade 5, I think. I'm honestly surprised I found him here! (DreamTeam)
  • TGC-icon TheGermanicCrusader Quite the lad, if I do say so myself. We support Alberta-icon Wexit, Texas-icon Texit and Scotland-icon Scexit. Say hi to Estonia for me, will ya? (TGC)
  • NotFunnyChan69(Flower)-icon NotFunnyChan69 Yet another friend, courtesy of the PolandballWikiOfficialDiscordServer(patent pending)! Also, quite the spectacular artist, she is! (NotFunny)

Former PIA

  • Spicy-Meatball-icon SpicyMeatball Very good artist No independentzia for you!(Floof)
  • Crev29-icon Crev29 Whenever I need an Icon, I know who to call! (Crev)
  • Enjania Icon Enjania "You're gonna have a bad time" (NJ)
  • Nashorntangle-iconHerrSpiridus It says here that if I don't respond, I'll have a tank crash through my house... Now I'm scared... (Nash)

Bro Code

A brood of professional delinquents.

Opinion Crap

Politics (Do I have to do this?)

Now, this is all what I think should be true. I, however, believe that what's true is whatever the UN says.

  • Corsica-icon Corsica is Italy-icon Italian
  • Palestine-icon Palestine and Israel-icon Israel BOTH are in the wrong
  • Falklands-icon Falklands Islands are UK-icon British
  • Kosovo-icon Kosovo is Albania-icon Albania
  • Crimea-icon Crimea is Greece-icon Greece
  • Taiwan-icon Taiwan is the rightful Chinese government
  • South Ossetia-icon South Ossetia and Abkhazia-icon Abkhazia are Georgia-icon Georgian
  • Artsakh-icon Artsakh is Armenia-icon Armenia
  • Armenian Genocide Happened
  • Galicia-icon (Spain) Galicia and Ceuta-icon Ceuta are Portugal-icon Portuguese
  • Catalonia-icon Catalonia is Spain-icon Spain
  • Kurdistan-icon Kurdistan is independent
  • Greenland-icon Greenland is Denmark-icon Danish
  • Aland-icon Aaland is Sweden-icon Sweden
  • Western Sahara-icon Western Sahara is Independent
  • Transnistria-icon Transnistria is Romania-icon Romania
    • Subsequently, Moldova-icon Moldova is Romania-icon Romania


Reminder that even though my politics might look out of whack, I don't actually care much about talking politics


From First to Last

  • God-icon Patris, Filii et Spiritvs Sancti/Ο Πατέρας, ο Υιός και το Άγιο Πνεύμα/Հայրը, Որդին եւ Սուրբ Հոգին
  • Christian-icon Christianity
  • Earth-icon All of God's good people (weeellll, I try)
  • SPQR-icon Mevm Imperivm
  • Video Games. Specifically: Halo, Europa Universalis and (to a small extent) Overwatch
    • Some indie games, mainly Celeste and Cuphead (but mostly Celeste)
  • Drawing
  • Austrian Empire-icon (crown) Habsburg Austria (well, I am part Austrian, so small bias here)
  • Flanders-icon Cartography (but I suck at it)
  • Music made before the year 1990
  • Slavs-icon Slavs; Great culture, cool guys, fellow lover of the Byzantines killed my Archduke
  • Spanish-Empire-icon SPQR-iconImperialism
  • Russian-Empire-icon The song "Боже, Царя Xрани"
  • Ottoman-icon (old) Ottoman Anthem
  • Crusader-icon First Crusade
  • Playing the Saxophone

Dislikes (or Distrusts)

From Last to First

  • Political extremism
  • People who bend God's word
  • ISIS-icon Terrorists
  • Sunni-icon I dislike Islam; I distrust Muslims
  • Venice-icon Fourth Crusade
  • Sand, it's coarse, rough, irritating and it gets everywhere (you are my favourite if you understand this)
  • People who use circle tool



  • Has no life at all. I once wrote the first two paragraphs in UKball in the Gothic alphabet, and wrote a church assignment in the Cyrillic alphabet, in spite of the fact that only me and my brother know how to read in both alphabets
    • By the way, I know 6 alphabets
  • Lazy. I started to learn Dutch, but stopped for almost an entire year (ja, ik ben teruggekomen!)
  • Frozen in a time that I never lived in. I always wanted to live in the past, so I started listening to Victorian era music and even yelled at my friends that they're uncouth lifestyle is non-Roman
  • Unsociable. I find it fairly difficult to make any friends aside from the ones that I have now, especially if they're Female-icon female. I got very lucky with my latest friends.
  • Has trust issues. I have a trust hierarchy (for a lack of a better term) that indicates how much I trust you. It can be seen as many negative things by many people, so I refuse to say it.
  • Gullible. Not only am I a terrible lie detector, but I am extremely easily fooled. Ahem, ahem, Peruwu, ahem ahem
  • Very musically talented; I have a semi-perfect ear. If you want to know if something sounds good, ask me first.



  • Portuguese-icon Portuguese (primary)
  • English-icon English (secondary, though I speak this better)
  • Spanish-icon Spanish (tertiary)


  • Italy-icon Italian


Need to Learn

  • Greece-icon Greek

Want to Learn

  • Georgia-icon Georgian
  • Arberesh-icon Arberesh
  • Indonesia-icon Indonesian


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"Heróis do mar, nobre povo"
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"Tri-border stronk!!!"
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"Hon hon hon, je suis baguette!"
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"Sorry, eh?"
Italy-iconBrazil-icon This user descends from both Italy and Brazil.
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"Father, Son and Holy Spirit"
This user is Male.
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"Keep it long! We love nativity!"
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"Im coming for u KEBAB!"
Lazy This user is reeeeally lazy
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Unimportant and Unrelated Questions

Q: What are your 5 favourite games?

  1. Even though I hardly if ever talk about it, Halo 3
  2. Victoria 2
  3. Celeste
  4. Titanfall 2
  5. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Pandemic)

Q: Have you ever visited any other country?

A: I have indeed, I have visited the United States, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy and the Vatican City

Q: What is your say on disputed nations?

A: They are not independent - absolutely none of them - regardless if I like them or not

Q: What are your three favourite songs

  1. Odeon by Ernesto Nazareth
  2. Apanhei-te Cavaquinho by Ernesto Nazareth
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Q: What are your favourite anime(s?)?

A: Well, anime isn't a thing that I would watch, but if I had to choose, it'd be the ones I used to watch way back yeehaw, Dragonball Z and Sonic X if that counts at least

Fun Facts!

  1. Even though I'm the youngest, I have the lowest pitched voice in my family
  2. When I was younger (I think in the span of when I was 8-12), I used to be a Japan Weeb, with my favourite animes being... well... scroll up
  3. Due to my unsociability, only 10% of my friends are Female-icon female, not including those related to me
  4. In 2017 an 2018, my Halloween costume was a Spanish Inquisition-icon Spanish Inquisitor
  5. In case anyone was wondering, yes, I do have a Byzantine flag
  6. I'm probably the only human being alive of my generation that doesn't hate myself
  7. I discovered Polandball when my brother showed me a picture that he got reminded of when he saw a Halo 3: ODST "poster" on my door
  8. I can kinda throat sing
  9. I am incomprehensibly good at the saxophone (yes, I'm stretching it)


Where to contact me: (Based on priority)

lol This user recognises Somaliland


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