aka Zach aka Candi

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on December 8
  • I am not good a happy landings.

Hello there!

Polandball Wiki (Splatoon Style)

My name is Zach, but I can go by either Canadia or Candi. I live in Canada (obviously), and the numbers in my username indicate when the province I live in joined Canada. I am not super active, but will try to contribute when I can. Most of my activity will be to my user page, and adding drawings. My non-polandball drawings will be added elsewhere. I am semi-active, mostly.

Polandball Wiki (Splatoon 2, Style)



I am very shy and will usually try to avoid most social interactions if possible. I will not start an interaction, someone has to talk to me first.

Info About Likes


I am reasonably good a drawing.


I have an interest in flags, and know all of the U.N. member states flags.


I know more about geography than I need to. List of geographical places I know (Simplified):

  • All U.N. member states.
  • All U.N. member states capital city.
  • Geographical subdivisions of (* indicates formerly):
  1. Canada-icon.png Canada
  2. USA-icon.png USA
  3. Mexico-icon.png Mexico
  4. Costa_Rica-icon.png Costa Rica*
  5. Colombia-icon.png Colombia
  6.  Venezuela
  7. Peru*
  8. Bolivia*
  9. Paraguay
  10. Argentina
  11. Chile
  12. Brazil
  13. Norway
  14. Sweden
  15. Finland
  16. Estonia
  17. Russia
  18. Belarus
  19. Ukraine
  20. Moldova
  21. Romaina
  22. Greece
  23. Serbia 
  24. Bosnia
  25. Croatia
  26. Hungary
  27. Slovakia
  28. Czechia
  29. Poland
  30. Germany
  31. Denmark
  32. Netherlands
  33. Belgium
  34. France-icon.png France
  35. UK
  36. Spain
  37. Austria
  38. Italy
  39. Vatican City
  40. Malta
  41. Morocco*
  42. Tunisia*
  43. Egypt
  44. Ethiopia*
  45. South Africa
  46. Israel
  47. Jordan*
  48. Saudi Arabia*
  49. UAE
  50. Uzbekistan*
  51. Pakistan-icon.png Pakistan
  52. India-icon.png India
  53. Sri Lanka
  54. Bangladesh-icon.png Bangladesh
  55. Myanmar (Burma)
  56. Laos
  57. Cambodia
  58. Indonesia
  59. China-icon.png China
  60. South Korea
  61.  Japan
  62. Papua New Guinea
  63. Australia
  64. New Zealand


The past is usually more interesting than the present.


Only play either Nintendo or PC games.

User Flag

The flag of my avatar is a combination of the Canada and Québec.

  1. Draw the flag of Québec, replacing the blue with red.
  2. Round the corners close to the middle.
  3. Add the maple leaf to the center. 
Canadia Flag

The flag of my avatar

Profile Picture

There are three versions of my profile: the first with a coonskin cap, the second with Headphones, and the third with the tentacles as hair.

Canadia1905's Profile Picture

My former profile picture.

Canadia Profile Picture 2

My second profile picture, much better than the original.

Holiday Profile Pictures:

Candi Christmas 2019

Pictures of me (by others)

Byz-El Dream Team

By: Byz

Personal Drawings

Drawings that I have made, some of them are not too good. I use to draw on my computer, and pencil and paper for rough work. Overall, my drawing skills are pretty good. One panel images are my speciality. I like to make drawings with a reference to something, and connect it to politics, geography, or names.

Candi-Japan Drawing
Getting Out Of Hand

Poland is not in space, it's just a hologram.

Alberta Rockies
High Ground
DR. Congo's RC-CAR
Poland in Darkness
Greenland and Arctic
Canadia With Flag
My Drawing Process:
  1. First I draw the image out by hand on any piece of paper.
  2. Roughly add colour to the image (doesn't need to be exact, just close).
  3. Upload the picture to my google account.
  4. Download the image to my computer.
  5. Trace out most of the image.
  6. Draw the emblems, eyes, and other accessories on a seperate layer(s).
  7. Colour the image with the correct colours.
  8. Add shadows and other lighting effects.
  9. Finished, and added to my user page.
  10. Maybe added to an artwork section.
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