aka Candi

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on December 8
  • I am the Senate

Hello there!

My name is Zach, but I can go by either Canadia or Candi Candi-Icon. I live in Canada (obviously), and the numbers in my username indicate when the province I live in joined Canada (if anyone wants to know where I live). I am not super active, but will try to contribute when I can. Most of my activity will be to my user page, and adding drawings. I am mostly semi-active. I am active on the wiki, but rarely contribute anything to a page other than my own user page.



I am very shy and will either share too much or not enough. I also never know how to respond to messages.

Info About Likes


I am reasonably good a drawing. My process of drawing is always in stages. Some of my drawings are first drawn on paper, as I am better with that than with a mouse. The ball is drawn out first, usually drawing the cosmetic items first, and then the actual CountryBall flag. Almost everything has an individual layer, so I can better position it onto the CountryBall. After that the background is created (unless the background is large, then the background is drawn first). Then the drawing is put onto my user page (unless it's an art request).


I have an interest in flags, and know all of the U.N. member states flags.


I know more about geography than I need to. List of geographical places I know:

  • All U.N. member states.
  • All U.N. member states capital city.
  • Geographical subdivisions of more countries than anyone needs to know.


Historical events are more interesting than most modern day events.


The games that I play the most are either on a Nintendo console or PC games.

User Flag

The flag of my avatar is a combination of the flags of Canada and Québec.

  1. Draw the flag of Québec, replacing the blue with red.
  2. Round the corners close to the middle.
  3. Add the maple leaf to the center. 
  4. (Optional) - Draw with Coonskin Cap, Headphones, or Tentacle hair (See below)

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Personal Drawings

Drawings that I have made, some of them are not too good. I use to draw on my computer, and (sometimes) pencil and paper for rough work. Overall, my drawing skills are pretty good, but my weakness is shadows.

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