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what can i put in this gallery

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Remember: ñ is my favorite letter

taco taco
— Me, being hungry
¡Ay, mamá!
— Me when something weird or unexpected happens

Hi, I’m a random Mexican-Chilean guy who likes drawing. There’s really nothing else I could describe about me. oh nevermind there is

So, yeah, I like making random comics... I would enjoy doing some stuff in the future. ok thats all i have nothing else to say, actually i do, but that’s not so important

how to draw my countryball

first, you need the colors (obviously), so here are they:

Dark Green 0, 104, 71 C100-M34-Y93-K30 #006847
White 255, 255, 255 C0-M0-Y0-K0 #FFFFF
Blue 0, 57, 166 C100-M66-Y0-K35 #0039A6
now let’s get to drawing the flag.
  1. draw the circle
  2. draw a nordic cross with blue
  3. fill the rest in with dark green
  4. make a bigger nordic cross around the blue one out of white

random stuff

my opinions on countries

Mexico-icon Mexico Mexico-icon - it’s a very nice country, I like it because i was born here of the food, the people, and the monuments. sadly, it does get some earthquakes every now and then, but it’s still my favorite country.

Chile-icon Chile Chile-icon - home of the great empanada it’s also one of my favorite countries, it has nice culture, nice food, and nice geographic locations (the atacama desert in the north, the andes mountain range in the east, and all those islands in the south). it also gets its earthquakes, but at least they know how to handle them.

USA-icon USA USA-icon - i mean, sure, it’s cities are nice, but i still hate it. it has the worst mexican food (even though they claim their food tastes 100% like the ones in mexico), sure, the cotton eyed joe song may be catchy, but still, i hate it because of its mexican food. oh yeah and don’t even get me started on the wall thing and how they think that mexicans are bad people.

UK-icon UK UK-icon i like it because it literally colonized like half of the world it saved Mexico-icon Mexico Mexico-icon from joining ww1, but let’s not talk about the past. i like the uk because i assume that few people, if not no one in the country thinks that mexicans are bad people unlike in the usa.

political opinions

  • Kosovo-icon Kosovo Kosovo-icon is Serbia-icon Serbia Serbia-icon
  • Palestine-icon Palestine Palestine-icon is independent, so is Israel-icon Israel Israel-icon, tbh i don’t really care about them, they can just do whatever they want.
  • Armenia-icon Armenian Genocide Ottoman-icon happened
  • Poland-icon Holocaust Nazi-icon happened
  • I really don’t care about politics & stuff, but Capitalism-icon capitalism Capitalism-icon is way better than Communism-icon communism Communism-icon
  • To pretty much everything that I missed:
    • I don’t fucking care. Just do whatever you want.
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