It's your local Maoist in PB wiki. An anime fan too (Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but it's hard to find Communists who watch anime, I still dislike Japanese government though)

Positions on Politics:

  • The worst regime to ever exist is the British Empire-icon.png British Empire. May the British Empire burn in hell for their crimes and the British Government is the worst criminal regime still existing today.
  • There is only one China, and it's the China-icon.png People's Republic of China. The Taiwan-icon.png Illegal, corrupt Japanese slave in Taipei must admit that they have lost the civil war. Mao and the CCP had greatly improved the lives of the Chinese people and built the solid base for China to be a superpower. While what did Chiang do? War, Genocide and intentional flooding. Taiwan has no reason to be independent, and has no reason for the corrupt US puppet government in Taipei to destroy the victory of the Chinese people in the war. The 5 Star Red Flag will fly over Taipei one day. Taiwan is nothing more than a tool for American and Japanese exploitation to harm China.
  • Chinese-Taipei-icon.png Taiwan belongs to China-icon.png PR China and will always be China. The Republic government is losing recognition and is nothing more than a tool for Japan and the US to harm China. The PRC government is the real China which represents the interests of the Chinese people to fight against Imperialism and slavery while the Kuomintang regime is a corrupt US puppet that doesn't care about improving the lives of the Chinese people after Sun Yat Sen died, it doesn't even follow the original revolutionary ideals of Sun Yat Sen.
  • Hong Kong-icon.png Hong Kong belongs to China-icon.png PR China, and it'll always be Chinese. Chinese Hong Kong is doing extremely well compared to what it is in the British era. The British is the one that stole Hong Kong from China and turned Hong Kong into a corrupt hellhole. The city is recovering from the ashes and scars of the past. The British had treated the locals like second class citizens and the Hong Kong pro-democracy is asking for Neo-Colonialism and their people getting enslaved by the Brits, they are also fascists and retards that can't take it if cities like Shenzhen or Shanghai are doing better.
  • Uyghur-icon.pngUyghur and Tibet-icon.pngTibet belongs to China-icon.png PR China, and It'll always be China. Tibet is a slave state and the dalai lama and feudal lords are literally doing what the Confederates are doing. Uyghur has been struck with pro-ISIS Islamists, and China is re-habilitating them. Islam can still be practised there. I don't see any genocide in Muslim majority states like Yinchuan too. I don't support some moves of the CCP to Tibetans tho. Those who unironically believe that there's a genocide is completely ignorant about the issue (there's a persecution though but not as worse as Israel's, and this is the reason why I don't fully support Xi).
  • Spratly belongs to either China-icon.png PR China, Vietnam-icon.png Vietnam or Malaysia-icon.png Malaysia. This issue needs to be resolved properly and peacefully. Much of the spratly is historically Chinese land ever since the Han Dynasty. The US has no right to interfere in China re-claiming what is theirs.
  • I support North Korea-icon.png re-unified Korea under Juche-icon.png Juche Ideology and the forceful withdrawal of USA-icon.png American Soldiers and the demolition of South Korea-icon.png Illegal government. The DPRK is a victim of the most criminal sieges and embargoes led by the US, preparing to annhilate them. North Korea has every right to defend themselves against criminal governments of US and South Korea. South Korea is made out of warlords and Japanese collaborators, while North Korea is formed by a fighter that fought for the Korean people in the Second World War. Who in the right mind would support an illegitimate fascist collaborationist degenerate shithole capital in Seoul?
  • I recognize Vietnam-icon.png CPV as the real government of Vietnam. Please. the CPV won the Vietnam War and that's final. South Vietnam, similar case to South Korea, is a corrupt American satelite state. Diem is a warlord that murders buddhists and his own people and people of vietnam love the CPV. The Government in Exile is a terrorist organization trying to destroy the victory of the Vietnamese people against Imperialism. The CPV and Communists will always stay in power and the terrorist Pro-American will stay dead.
  • I recognize Diaoyu Islands as part of China-icon.png China. Japan has no right to take every single island in Asia they see. Why isn't the Liberal Media reporting about Japan's horrible Imperialistic moves in Asia? This is a typical case of liberal hypocrisy and sinophobia in the corrupt, capitalist west.
  • I recognize Kashmir to be divided between Pakistan-icon.png Pakistan India-icon.png India and China-icon.png China. The Kashmir issue needs to be resolved properly through peace.
  • I support Syria-icon.png Bashar Al Assad and don't recognize FSA-icon.png FSA Terrorists. The US are doing another filthy act against popular socialist governments in the middle east and funding terrorists. Isn't it coincidental that when America and the West intervened, ISIS gained a large chunk of Syria and When Russia intervened ISIS got weakened and defeated?
  • I recognize Kosovo-icon.png Kosovo to be divided between Serbia-icon.png Serbia and Albania-icon.png Albania. This matter should be resolved peacefully.
  • I recognize Palestine-icon.png Palestine, and not Israel-icon.png Israel. Palestine is advocating for peaceful co-existence between Jews and Muslims, while Israel is literally doing what the Nazis are doing against Palestinians. Palestinians have every right to fight against such a disgusting Zionist Entity backed by the West.
  • I support Alexander Lukashenko-icon.png Alexander Lukashenko's government. Typical of US Imperialism, when they don't like the results of Direct Democracy in Belarus, They'll always try to set up a puppet regime following it's so called "Democracy" Lukashenko is a great man and the US will never overthrow him. Lukashenko will not fall. Maduro will not fall. Assad will not fall. LONG LIVE BELARUS! DEATH TO THE TERRORIST US BACKED PROTESTERS
  • I recognize Crimea-icon.pngCrimea and Novorossiya-icon.png Novorossiya as Part of Russia-icon.png Russia. These two territorries opted to be with Russia, so let it be.
  • I recognize Sakhalin as part of Russia-icon.png Russia. Please, this Island has no right to be Japanese. Give me one reason why Japan should take Russian land and expand it's imperialist plans.
  • I recognize Kuril Islands as Russia-icon.png Russian for now. Once Japan is free from the Capitalist Western Imperialist beliefs, Russia should return it back to Japan.
  • I recognize Catalonia-icon.pngCatalonia as part of Spain-icon.png Spain. Catalonia is losing support and has no reason why it should be independent. I still hate the Spanish government though.
  • I recognize Scotland-icon.png Scottish independence and Northern Ireland-icon.png Northern Ireland to be a part of Ireland-icon.png Ireland. The British fascist drug syndicate oligarchy has been oppressing the Irish people and Scottish people and kept a racist attitude against them. Don't get me started on the crimes of the British Fascist Colonial Terrorist Drug Syndicate. The Terrorist British government should be overthrown just like other terrorist governments like the US, France and Israel do.
  • Armenian Genocide happened and there is a lot of solid proof it happened. Nobody denies it besides Neo-Ottomanist brainlets.
  • Maduro-icon.png Nicolas Maduro is the real president of Venezuela. Juan Guaido, a US-backed puppet who cares about America's interests more than his own people's, and with links to Colombian drug cartels deserve to be president, amirite?
  • Evo Morales-icon.png Evo Morales is the real president of Bolivia. Jeanine Anez is just like any US-backed junta like Pinochet in Chile and Somoza in Nicaragua. Anez is a genocidal bitch that wants the natives dead. Evo is a democratically elected socialist president that represents the Bolivian people.
  • I support Gaddafi Libya-icon.png Gaddafists in Libya. Gaddafi's rule is much better than Libya now, Terrorism, Slave trade, lynching, war and chaos is what Libya is after Gaddafi. The US and other criminal governments of NATO needs to be punished for their crimes.

People opinions:

I'mma put a list here: 100 is love with my full heart, 0 is burn in hell.


  • Taiwan-icon.pngSun Yat Sen (100/100)- Father and hero of the Chinese nation against the Qing Dynasty. He was a great revolutionary and an awesome leader that led the Chinese nation to freedom from Imperialism and Qing dominance. He has all the right ideals. He should have stayed in power and made China much better, until Chiang went and undo everything and made China worse.
  • Taiwan-icon.pngSoong Ching Ling (100/100)- A woman that played equally as important role as Sun Yat Sen did in the Xinhai revolution. After the death of her husband, she chose the right path not to collaborate with the corrupt KMT under Chiang and joined the CCP, the new saviour of China.
  • China-icon.pngChen Duxiu (90/100)- The founder of the CCP. Initially he is a great man fighting alongside the KMT for liberation of China from Imperialism and later against Chiang, but then he turned to be sympathetic to the Japanese.
  • Mao Zedong-icon.pngMao Zedong (66/100)- The first leader of the PRC that had gained New China a great international prestige, had led China to become an industrialized anti-imperialist People's nation, also he was the real follower of Sun Yat Sen instead of Chiang Kai Shek, who divided the country with his warlord friends. He was the main fighter against the Japanese and the hero of liberation in China. I must credit him for his majestic contributions to living standards, life expectancy, elimination of feudal practices, elimination of prostitution and degeneracy, made China a great power, supported anti-imperialist movements around the world etc. However, that doesn't justify the deaths he caused during the Great Leap Forward and the damage he did during the Cultural revolution.
  • China-icon.pngZhou Enlai (100/100)- Premier Zhou is the best politician in China behind Sun Yat Sen. He hoped to make China a popular nation respected throughout the world, supported major anti-imperialist movements against the Imperialists and wasn't a radical communist unlike Jiang Qing. The US-backed KMT terrorists will always fail to kill this great man. He is a hero.
  • Buddhism-icon.pngBuddha (100/100)- My moral guide.
  • China-icon.pngPeng Dehuai (100/100)- The greatest commander in history. He was a major general in the PLA and contributed in major liberation campaigns against that demon Chiang Kai Shek and Tojo Hideki. After he seized power, he guided the PRC into walking the right path of Marxism Leninism. Sad Mao had to remove you.
  • China-icon.pngJiang Zemin (98/100)- This man is one of the greatest leaders to ever exist. He had took Hong Kong and Macao back to the motherland after it has bee thieved by Imperialists like Britain and Portugal, as well as booming the Chinese economy massively, he is the man who started the rapid development. Plus, I fully support him on killing seperatists trying to terrorize the Chinese nation.
  • China-icon.pngHu Jintao (100/100)- The greatest president of the PRC. The least authoritarian, the most wise in economy and had implemented a lot of positive reforms for China. Like providing us with technology that rivals Japan's, turned China from an originally struggling country to overtake Japan's economy, having great foreign policy and had implemented a Socialist People's Democracy. He did nothing wrong at all. Not to mention, he had solved like a shit ton of issues not even Jiang Zemin (who's awesome) itself was able to solve, how can anyone not like this man?
  • China-icon.pngWen Jiabao (100/100)- Same as Hu Jintao.
  • China-icon.pngZhao Lijian (88/100)- This man is a great foreign ministry speaksperson defending China from lies and threats made by terrible people like Morrison and Pompeo. Awesome. You have my respect.
  • China-icon.pngHua Chunying (93/100)- The same as Zhao Lijian but much better.
  • Xi Jinping-icon.png Xi Jinping (91/100)- Another great president of the PRC. He continued what Hu Jintao contributed in China, like the rapid development part, and tolerated no corruption at all, as shown by some degenerates who embezzle funds are executed by him. He enhanced China's standings in the world resisting against America and had eliminated some extreme poverty and major problems in China like terrorism and so on. However, I disagree with his land disputes and his percecution, and the media loves lying and creating stories about this great man but I know and have lived in Xiist China before, Xi is nothing of the sort that the media makes him out to be.
  • Hong Kong-icon.pngTung Chee Hwa (93/100)- This man is the first leader of the Hong Kong SAR, and is responsible for the intense development of the formerly scarred city with assist from Jiang Zemin. He's a great man that led Hong Kong from the scars of British Colonialism.
  • CarrieLam-icon.png Carrie Lam (95/100)- The greatest leader in Hong Kong in my opinion. He continued the development and implemented more nationalist laws. She's an awesome lady and fierce patriot and anti-colonialist. Her only fault is not going after the terrorists led by Joshua Wong and suppressing them harsher.
  • Taiwan-icon.png Ma Ying Jeou (82/100)- the only president of the false Japanese puppet that I can actually respect. He hoped for more collaboration with their mainland brothers and hoped for Taiwan to break free from the Japs and Americans.
  • PR Mongolia-icon.png Yumjaagin Tsedenbal (90/100)- This man brought Mongolia into the correct moderate socialist path. Sad that he had to be a Khrushchevite puppet, I liked him a lot.
  • North Korea-icon.png Kim Il Sung (87/100)- This man is the hero for the Korean population liberating them from American and Japanese imperialism. What did the south do? Spread degeneracy? Kim Il Sung represents the real moral ideals for the Korean people and that's that.
  • North Korea-icon.png Choe Yong Gon (100/100)- This man is the Peng Dehuai of Korea, hero, and a liberator of Korea from Imperialism.
  • Japan-icon.png Inejiro Asanuma (100/100)- This man knows what's right for Japan. He's a strong opposer of the evil Kishi/LDP regime and trying to convert Japan into a Pro-China socialist state. He has all my respect.
  • Japan-icon.png Kenji Miyamoto (96/100)- Same as Miyamoto but I dislike his land claims for Japan. He's inspired by Ho Chi Minh and is a great man.
  • Japan-icon.png Mutsuko Miki (88/100)- She is the best Japanese political activist that fought for the oppressed rights of women in Japan and trying to make Japan more peaceful and less Pro-American,
  • Ho Chi Minh-icon.png Ho Chi Minh (100/100)- I don't understand why people can not like this guy. He is a hero for the Vietnamese people in liberation of Vietnam from the French, Japanese and Americans. He is also a heroic anti-colonialist and patriot that saved the people of Indochina. My strongest respects go to Uncle Ho.
  • Vietnam-icon.pngTon Duc Thang (100/100)- He is the continuation of Uncle Ho's legacy, to remove the terrible, pure evil Diem regime and liberate the oppressed South.
  • Vietnam-icon.pngVo Nguyen Giap (100/100)- This man is a great commander that led the people of Vietnam along with Bac Ho in victory against the French. He is a tough man, representing the heroic Vietnamese race.
  • Vietnam-icon.pngLe Duan (99/100)- This man is the president of Vietnam after re-unification, supported the people's revolution in Laos and supported the Heng Samrin regime against CIA-backed Pol Pot. Though he could make better relations with China (even though Deng is at fault here)
  • Laos-icon.pngSouphanouvong (95/100)- The leader of the Laotian People's revolution. He chose not to live a perfect life as a prince but instead chose to fight for the people of Laos, what a great man.
  • Laos-icon.pngKaysone Phomvihane (97/100)- The leader that led Laos into rebuilding after the Americans had done horrendous war crimes to the Lao people.
  • PR Kampuchea-icon.pngHeng Samrin (99/100)- The hero of the Cambodian people, the primary fighter against Pol Pot. He is the greatest Cambodian leader to ever exist.
  • Cambodia-icon.pngNorodom Sihanouk (67/100)- May have been the best monarch to ever exist. He isn't corrupt and imperialist unlike other monarchs in history. My respect goes to you. But I dislike him for collaborating with Pol Pot, suppressing Leftists and overthrowing Heng Samrin.
  • Myanmar-icon.pngAung San (94/100)- The hero for the liberation and independence of Burma from the Japs and British. He hoped to make Burma a great socialist state and make Burma prosperous, until British bastards installed a murderous dictator U Nu.
  • Socialist Burma-icon.pngThan Shwe (98/100)- He is the man that had kept Burma strong and a proud patriotic anti-imperialist nation. respected.
  • Malaysia-icon.pngMahathir Mohammad (90/100)- This man got inspiration from Gaddafi and the USSR, combining Islamic values with Socialism while turning Malaysia from a poor country to an independent anti-imperialist prosperous hub in Southeast Asia. The greatest Malaysian president to ever take power.
  • Malaysia-icon.pngChin Peng (100/100)- The definition of Based, chad and redpilled
  • Singapore-icon.pngLee Kwan Yew (91/100)- One of the few Capitalists I can actually respect. This man took inspiration from Deng Xiaoping's reforms and used a Chinese Model of State Capitalism that made Singapore the prosperous hub it is today, sad that you backed Pol Pot, though.
  • Indonesia-icon (Songkok).pngSukarno (99/100)- Other than collaborating with the Japs, this man is a literal hero. He advocated for unity among all Indonesian races without a drop of bloodshed, advocated for strong anti-imperialism and anti-colonialism and also tried to free Malaysia from the British terrorists. His ideas that influenced Indonesian politics today is awesome. He should have dissected Suharto long ago though.
  • Indonesia-icon (Songkok).pngMohammad Hatta (100/100)- The same as Sukarno
  • Indonesia-icon (Songkok).pngJoko Widodo (90/100)- The current president of Indonesia that had successfully removed many terrible legacies that Suharto had left behind and hoped to turn Indonesia into a superpower inspired by China.
  • Philippines-icon.pngJose Rizal (94/100)- This man is a heroic anti-colonial fighter liberating the oppressed Filipino people. He deserves all respect for fighting against the evil colonialists.
  • Philippines-icon.pngCorazon Aquino (80/100)- She was the hero of the People's revolution in the Philippines that overthrew the terrorist US-backed Marcos government that conducted terrible genocides.
  • Duterte-icon.pngRodrigo Duterte (100/100)- One of the best leaders so far. He hunted down druggies and has been drawing closer to China and stopped being an American puppet. Duterte deserves all my respect. He is a saviour of the Philippines.
  • Gandhi-icon.pngMahatma Gandhi (97/100)- The father of India's independence. One of the most heroic anti-colonial nationalist patriots of all time.
  • India-icon.pngJawaharlal Nehru (70/100)- He made India an anti-imperialist stronghold that resisted against the US-backed regime in Pakistan. Not to mention he did a lot of positive reforms for India. His only fault is funding the Dalai Lama and his slave regime.
  • Sri Lanka-icon.pngSirimavo Bandaranaike (69/100)- The best socialist president of Sri Lanka, but she wasn't able to solve the issues between Sinhalese and Tamil people.
  • Pakistan-icon.pngZulfikar Ali Bhutto (95/100)- The most based Anti-Imperialist leader of Pakistan that had led Pakistan to join the heroic anti-imperialist path.
  • Afghan-icon.pngDaoud Khan (85/100)- One of the few anti-communists that I can actually respect. He had a lot of positive reforms to Afghanistan and it was great under him, however he shouldn't have purged against Leftists.
  • DR Afghan-icon.pngMohammad Najibullah (100/100)- One of the most heroic Afghans ever existed. He led a Secular Islamic Socialist government that hunted down against the Jihadists backed by Carter and Reagan. He did nothing wrong in my opinion, and the best Afghan leader ever so far.
  • Iran-icon.pngMohammad Mossadegh (99/100)- This man did nothing wrong. He hoped to nationalize Iran and stop Iran from being a British satelite state. He should return to Iran. Both Pahlavi and Khomeini are terrible people. This man is the best Iranian leader.
  • Saddam-icon.pngSaddam Hussein (70/100)
  • Syria-icon.pngMichel Aflaq (100/100)
  • Syria-icon.pngHafez Al Assad (100/100)
  • Bashar al-Assad-icon.gifBashar Al Assad (100/100)
  • Yasser Arafat-icon.pngYasser Arafat (100/100)
  • Egypt-icon.pngGamal Abdel Nasser (86/100)
  • Muammar Gaddafi-icon.pngMuammar Gaddafi (99/100)
  • Martinique-icon.pngFrantz Fanon (100/100)
  • Sankara-icon.pngThomas Sankara (100/100)
  • Derg-icon.png Mengistu Haile Mariam (66/100)
  • Mali-icon.pngModibo Keita (93/100)
  • Guinea-icon.pngSekou Toure (95/100)
  • Ghana-icon.pngKwane Nkrumah (100/100)
  • Nigeria-icon.pngSani Abacha (69/100)
  • DR Congo-icon.pngPatrice Lumumba (100/100)
  • Kenya-icon.pngJomo Kenyatta (68/100)
  • Uganda-icon.pngMilton Obote (99/100)
  • Tanzania-icon.pngJulius Nyerere (100/100)
  • Seretse Khama-icon.pngSeretse Khama (99/100)
  • Nelson Mandela-icon.pngNelson Mandela (70/100)
  • Enver Hoxha-icon.pngEnver Hoxha (84/100)
  • JosipTito-icon.pngJosip Tito (100/100)
  • RS Romania-icon.pngGheorghe Georgiu Dej (89/100)
  • Nicolae Ceaușescu-icon.pngNicolae Ceausescu (70/100)
  • PR Hungary-icon.pngMatyas Rakosi (88/100)
  • PR Hungary-icon.pngJanos Kadar (88/100)
  • Czechoslovak Socialist Republic-icon.pngAlexander Dubcek (91/100)
  • Poland-icon.pngAndrzej Duda (91/100)
  • Second Polish Republic-icon.pngRosa Luxemburg (99/100)
  • Alexander Lukashenko-icon.pngAlexander Lukashenko (93/100)
  • Lenin-icon.pngVladimir Lenin (99/100)
  • Soviet-icon.pngMarshal Zhukov (100/100)
  • Vladimir Putin-icon.pngVladimir Putin (95/100)
  • Ramzan Kadyrov-icon.pngRamzan Kadyrov (89/100)
  • Marxism-icon.pngKarl Marx (100/100)
  • Marxism-icon.pngFrederick Engels (100/100)
  • East Germany-icon.pngWalter Ulbricht (94/100)
  • East Germany-icon.pngErich Honecker (73/100)
  • Antonio Gramsci-icon.pngAntonio Gramsci (100/100)
  • Spain-icon.pngJuan Gordillo (100/100)
  • Ireland-icon.pngJames Connolly (100/100)
  • Canada-icon.pngJason Unruhe (91/100)
  • Lincoln-icon.png Abraham Lincoln (98/100)
  • USA-icon.pngUlysess S. Grant (98/100)
  • Martin Luther King Jr.-icon.pngMartin Luther King (95/100)
  • USA-icon.pngHuey Long (94/100)
  • USA-icon.pngAngela Davis (92/100)
  • Mexico-icon.pngLazaro Cardenas (88/100)
  • Jacobo Árbenz-icon.png Jacobo Arbenz (95/100)
  • Cuba-icon (Castro).png Fidel Castro (94/100)
  • Cuba-icon.png Raul Castro (93/100)
  • Grenada-icon.pngMaurice Bishop (100/100)
  • Che Guevara-icon.pngChe Guevara (99/100)
  • Simón Bolívar-icon.pngSimon Bolivar (100/100)
  • Venezuela-icon.png Hugo Chavez (99/100)
  • Forbes Burnham-icon.png Forbes Burnham (77/100)
  • Peru-icon.pngJuan Velasco (75/100)
  • Salvador Allende-icon.png Salvador Allende (100/100)
  • Chile-icon.pngRaul Pellegrin (92/100)
  • Lautaro-icon.pngLautaro (100/100)
  • Rafael Correa-icon.pngRafael Correa (88/100)
  • José Mujica-icon.pngJose Mujica (90/100)
  • EvoMorales-icon.png Evo Morales (100/100)
  • Getúlio Vargas-icon.pngGetulio Vargas (72/100)
  • Dilma Rousseff-icon.pngDilma Rousseff (80/100)
  • Lula da Silva-icon.pngLula Da Silva (70/100)
  • Juan Perón-icon.pngJuan Peron (83/100)


  • Malaysia-icon.pngMuhyddin Yassim (37/100)- This man was a terrible man in handling the political crisis in Malaysia, he and his group of politicians only cared about their own benefit while the people of Malaysia are suffering. However he wasn't the worst.
  • Jacinda Ardern-icon.pngJacinda Ardern (57/100)- She is currently one of the most sensible presidents of New Zealand. She had did many positive reforms and so on, but she is still a British puppet and a liberal.
  • Aung San Suu Kyi-icon.png Aung San Soo Kyi (60/100)
  • China-icon.pngLin Biao (63/100)
  • Deng Xiaoping-icon.pngDeng Xiaoping (64/100)
  • Taiwan-icon.pngLee Teng Hui (55/100)
  • PR Mongolia-icon.pngKhorloogjin Choibalsan (65/100)
  • Mongol Empire-icon.pngGenghis Khan (60/100)
  • South Korea-icon.pngKim Dae Jung (50/100)
  • North Korea-icon.png Kim Jong Il (60/100)
  • Rocket Man-icon.gifKim Jong Un (61/100)
  • Japanese-Empire-icon.pngEmperor Meiji (53/100)
  • Tajik-icon.png Emomali Rahmon (62/100)
  • Turkmen-icon.png Gurbanguily Berdimuhamedow (60/100)
  • Turkmen-icon.png Saparmurat Niyazov (57/100)
  • Kazakh-icon.png Nursultan Nazarbayev (64/100)
  • Uzbek-icon.png Islam Karimov (60/100)
  • Iran-icon.png Ayatollah Khomeini (36/100)
  • Saudi Arabia-icon.pngFaisal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (41/100)
  • Turkey-icon.pngMustafa Kemal Ataturk (51/100)
  • Somali Democratic Republic-icon.pngSiad Barre (66/100)
  • Angola-icon.pngEduardo dos Santos (61/100)
  • Union of South Africa-icon.pngFW De Klerk (38/100)
  • Slobodan Milosevic-icon.pngSlobodan Milocevic (46/100)
  • Leon Trotsky-icon.pngLeon Trotsky (44/100)
  • Stalin-icon.pngJoseph Stalin (60/100)
  • Soviet-icon.pngNikita Khrushchev (34/100)
  • Soviet-icon.pngLeonid Brezhnev (43/100)
  • Viktor Orban-icon.pngViktor Orban (45/100)
  • Strasserism-icon.png Gregor Strasser (55/100)
  • France-icon.pngMaximillien Robespierre (33/100)
  • UK-icon.pngJeremy Corbyn (49/100)
  • Ireland-icon.pngMichael Collins (57/100)
  • Ireland-icon.pngEamon De Valera (62/100)
  • Franco-icon.png Francisco Franco (58/100)
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt-icon.pngFranklin D. Roosevelt (43/100)
  • USA-icon.pngGeorge Washington (48/100)
  • Andrew Yang-icon.pngAndrew Yang (56/100)
  • Nicaragua-icon.pngDaniel Ortega (63/100)
  • Maduro-icon.png Nicolas Maduro (60/100)
  • Peru-icon.png Abimael Guzman (54/100)


  • Taiwan-icon.pngChiang Kai Shek (0/100)- This man is the combination of all evil mixed together. Pure evil itself. First off, He was a powerhungry bastard that betrayed Sun Yat Sen's ideology that hoped for total co-operation with everyone to create a new China, but instead wanted to make China a totalitarian warlordist state that enslaves the peasants. Second off, he's incompetent and corrupt to the standard of beyond saving. Even with German aid and modernization of the Chinese army, he still wasn't able to fight back the Japanese and nearly all major cities fell to Japan in just shortly one year time. I have never seen such a terrible commander before. Not to mention even facing a genocide, he puts his own powers at first, killing the communists first even when the communists are popular among the people. He's such a fuck up that the Chinese peasants are living under extremely terrible conditions while collaborating with feudal warlords. Even so Mao was willing to negotiate but Chiang being the ass he is created a division between the two Chinas, not to mentioned he killed about 45 Million people under his reign of terror and nobody talks about it. He also stole credit from the Japs who industralized Taiwan to show that "muh I industrialized" and paved way to an ultra-imperialist illegitimate state that sold themselves to Japan who doesn't even acknowledge crimes committed against their own people. He also started a brainwashing reign of terror that killed people just for being patriotic. He's pure evil and is the literal satan itself. There is no excuse to like this man. He makes Hitler seem like an angel. He deserves more than just burning in hell. Not even the worst of worst punishments he gets can balance out the crimes and suffering he committed.
  • Republic of China-icon (1912-1928).pngYuan Shikai (0/100)- This man is the absolute dipshit that sold China to the Americans, caused a major inflation that was so bad that it matched the Ming Dynasty's ones and started the warlord era. May he die in hell.
  • China-icon.pngLiu Xiaobo (0/100)
  • LiberateHK-icon.pngJoshua Wong (0/100)
  • LiberateHK-icon.pngEvery Pro Hong Kong Democracy Terrorist (0/100) (They deserve to be suppressed harsher)
  • Taiwan-icon.pngMa Bufang (0/100)
  • Xinjiang-icon (hat).pngDolkun Isa (0/100)
  • 14th Dalai Lama-icon.pngDalai Lama (0/100)
  • Qing-icon.pngEmpress Cixi (0/100)
  • Taiwan-icon.pngWang Jingwei (15/100)
  • China-icon.pngJiang Qing (30/100)
  • Taiwan-icon.pngTsai Ing Wen (1/100)
  • Taiwan-icon.pngHan Kuo Yu (10/100)
  • Taiwan-icon.pngChen Shui Bian (0/100)
  • Taiwan-icon.pngChiang Ching Kuo (7/100)
  • South Korea-icon.pngPark Chung Hee (3/100)
  • South Korea-icon.pngSyngman Rhee (0/100)
  • South Korea-icon.pngChun Doo Hwan (6/100)
  • South Korea-icon.pngLee Myung Bak (12/100)
  • South Korea-icon.pngPark Geun Hye (8/100)
  • Japanese-Empire-icon.pngHideki Tojo (0/100)
  • Japanese-Empire-icon.pngFumimaro Konoe (0/100)
  • Hirohito-icon.pngEmperor Hirohito (1/100)
  • Japanese-Empire-icon.pngIsoroku Yamamoto (1/100)
  • Japanese-Empire-icon.pngTomoyuki Yamashita (1/100)
  • Japan-icon.pngNobusuke Kishi (0/100)
  • Japan-icon.pngEvery Member of the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party (21/100)
  • Japan-icon.pngNippon Kaigi (4/100)
  • Japan-icon.pngShinzo Abe (32/100)
  • South Vietnam-icon.pngNgo Dinh Diem (0/100)
  • South Vietnam-icon.pngNgo Dinh Nhu (0/100)
  • South Vietnam-icon.pngEmperor Bao Dai (0/100)
  • South Vietnam-icon.pngNguyen Van Thieu (1/100)
  • South Vietnam-icon.pngNguyen Cao Ky (0/100)
  • Khmer Republic-icon.pngLon Nol (6/100)
  • Pol Pot-icon.pngPol Pot (1/100)
  • Thailand-icon.pngPlaek Phibunsongkram (9/100)
  • Socialist Burma-icon.pngNe Win (12/100)
  • Myanmar-icon.pngU Nu (10/100)
  • Malaysia-icon.pngNajib Razak (29/100)
  • Malaysia-icon.pngAbdullah Ahmad Badawi (24/100)
  • Brunei-icon.pngHassan Bolkiah (18/100)
  • Philippines-icon.pngDiogo Macapagal (14/100)
  • Marcos-icon.pngFerdinand Marcos (2/100)
  • Indonesia-icon (Songkok).pngSuharto (0/100)
  • Australia-icon.pngScott Morrison (9/100)
  • India-icon.pngNarendra Modi (29/100)
  • Osama.gifOsama Bin Laden (1/100)
  • Pahlavi Iran-icon.pngReza Shah Pahlavi (19/100)
  • ISIS-icon.pngAbu Bakr Al Baghdadi (1/100)
  • Israel-icon.pngTheodor Herzl (20/100)
  • Israel-icon.pngMeir Kahane (0/100)
  • Israel-icon.pngDavid Ben Guiron (15/100)
  • Israel-icon.pngMenachem Begin (0/100)
  • Israel-icon.pngYitzhak Rabin (26/100)
  • Benjamin Netanyahu-icon.pngBenjamin Nethanyahu (1/100)
  • Israel-icon.pngAriel Sharon (1/100)
  • Saudi Arabia-icon.pngSaudi Royal Family (10/100)
  • Yemen-icon.pngAburabbuh Hadi (30/100)
  • Erdogan-icon.pngRecep Tayyip Erdogan (3/100)
  • Egypt-icon.pngAnwar Sadat (27/100)
  • Egypt-icon.pngAbdel Fattah Al-Sisi (22/100)
  • Libya-icon.pngFayez Al Sarraj (1/100)
  • Sudan-icon.pngOmar Al Bashir (19/100)
  • Chad-icon.pngHissene Habre (6/100)
  • Liberia-icon.pngCharles Taylor (14/100)
  • Liberia-icon.pngSamuel Doe (4/100)
  • Togo-icon.pngGnassingbe Eyadema (13/100)
  • Nigeria-icon.pngYakubu Gowon (14/100)
  • Paul-Biya-icon.pngPaul Biya (6/100)
  • Equatorial Guinea-icon.pngFrancisco Macias Nguema (0/100)
  • Equatorial Guinea-icon.pngTeodoro Obiang Nguema (21/100)
  • Mobutu Sese Seko-icon.pngMobutu Sese Seko (1/100)
  • Idi Amin-icon.pngIdi Amin (11/100)
  • Ian Smith-icon.pngIan Smith (27/100)
  • Robert Mugabe-icon.pngRobert Mugabe (20/100)
  • Zimbabwe-icon.pngEmmerson Mnangagwa (23/100)
  • Union of South Africa-icon.pngPW Botha (15/100)
  • Swaziland-icon.pngKing Mswati III (8/100)
  • South Africa-icon.pngJacob Zuma (14/100)
  • Romania-icon.pngIon Illescu (18/100)
  • Russian-Empire-icon.pngTsar Alexander III (0/100)
  • Russian-Empire-icon.pngTsar Nicholas II (0/100)
  • Russian-Empire-icon.pngRasputin (0/100)
  • Mikhail Gorbachev-icon.pngMikhail Gorbachev (23/100)
  • Boris Yeltsin-icon.pngBoris Yeltzin (0/100)
  • Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya-icon.pngSviatlana Tsikhanouskaya (1/100)
  • Poland-icon.pngJozef Pilsudski (0/100)
  • George Soros-icon.pngGeorge Soros (17/100)
  • Hitler-icon.pngAdolf Hitler (1/100)
  • Nazi-icon.pngHermann Goring (10/100)
  • Nazi-icon.pngJoseph Goebbels (3/100)
  • Germany-icon.pngHelmut Kohl (1/100)
  • Angela Merkel-icon.pngAngela Merkel (11/100)
  • Italian-Empire-icon.pngBenito Mussolini (10/100)
  • Leopold II of Belgium-icon.pngLeopold II (0/100)
  • France-icon.pngFrances Clemenceau (8/100)
  • France-icon.pngMarine Le Pen (8/100)
  • CharlesDeGaulle-icon.pngCharles De Gaulle (6/100)
  • Emmanuel Macron-icon.pngEmmanuel Macron (2/100)
  • British Empire-icon.pngQueen Victoria (0/100)
  • UK-icon.pngAnthony Eden (4/100)
  • UK-icon.pngWinston Churchill (0/100)
  • UK-icon.pngTony Blair (0/100)
  • UK-icon.pngDavid Cameron (7/100)
  • Margaret Thatcher-icon.pngMargaret Thatcher (0/100)
  • Boris Johnson-icon.pngBoris Johnson (27/100)
  • Portugal-icon.pngAntonio Salazar (5/100)
  • JustinTrudeau-icon.pngJustin Trudeau (1/100)
  • USA-icon.pngAndrew Jackson (0/100)
  • USA-icon.pngHarry Truman (1/100)
  • USA-icon.pngDwight Eisenhower (6/100)
  • John F. Kennedy-icon.pngJohn F Kennedy (24/100)
  • USA-icon.pngLyndon B Johnson (0/100)
  • Richard Nixon-icon.pngRichard Nixon (19/100)
  • USA-icon.pngJimmy Carter (15/100)
  • Henry Kissinger-icon.pngHenry Kissinger (0/100)
  • IDrowzee-icon.pngRonald Reagan (0/100)
  • USA-icon.pngBill Clinton (2/100)
  • USA-icon.pngGeorge HW Bush (5/100)
  • George Bush-icon.pngGeorge W Bush (0/100)
  • Obama-icon.pngBarack Obama (8/100)
  • Hillary Clinton-icon.pngHilary Clinton (0/100)
  • Donald Trump-icon.pngDonald Trump (16/100)
  • Joe Biden-icon.pngJoe Biden (6/100)
  • USA-icon.pngKamala Harris (0/100)
  • USA-icon.pngJoe McCarthy (0/100)
  • USA-icon.pngBernie Sanders (33/100)
  • Anarcho-Capitalism-icon.pngMurray Rothbard (1/100)
  • USA-icon.pngMike Pompeo (0/100)
  • Mexico-icon.pngPorfirio Diaz (0/100)
  • Cuba-icon (Batista).pngFulgencio Batista (4/100)
  • Guatemala-icon.pngGuatemalan Dictators (1/100)
  • Nicaragua-icon.pngAnastasio Somoza (7/100)
  • Rafael Trujillo-icon.pngRafael Trujillo (8/100)
  • François Duvalier-icon.pngFrancois "Papa Doc" Duvalier (5/100)
  • Manuel Noriega-icon.pngManuel Noriega (9/100)
  • Colombia-icon.pngAlvaro Uribe (2/100)
  • Venezuela-icon.pngJuan Guaido (1/100)
  • Brazil-icon.pngBrazillian Dictators (1/100)
  • Brazil-icon.pngMichel Temer (5/100)
  • Jair Bolsonaro-icon.pngJair Bolsonaro (12/100)
  • Alberto Fujimori-icon.pngAlberto Fujimori (12/100)
  • Peru-icon.pngFrancisco Bermudez (10/100)
  • Gabriel González Videla-icon.pngGabriel Gonzalez Videla (9/100)
  • Augusto Pinochet-icon-0.pngAugusto Pinochet (1/100)
  • Bolivia-icon.pngHugo Banzer (3/100)
  • Jeanine Anez-icon.pngJeanine Anez (7/100)
  • Paraguay-icon.pngAlfredo Stroessener (2/100)
  • Uruguay-icon.pngJuan Maria Bordaberry (4/100)
  • Argentina-icon.pngLeopoldo Galtieri (23/100)
  • Argentina-icon.pngJorge Rafael Videla(1/100)

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Places where I've been to:


  • Kuala Lumpur (hometown)
  • Penang
  • Alor Setar
  • Melaka
  • Johor Baru
  • Desaru Coast
  • Kuala Terengganu
  • Kuantan
  • Kota Kinabalu


  • Singapore


  • Jakarta
  • Medan
  • Surabaya
  • Palembang


  • Perth


  • Bangkok
  • Hat Yai
  • Phuket Island


  • Luang Prabang


  • Siem Reap


  • Hanoi
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hue
  • Hai Phong
  • Nha Trang


  • Kunming
  • Foshan
  • Guangzhou (second hometown)
  • Zhongshan
  • Dongguan
  • Shenzhen
  • Macao SAR
  • Hong Kong SAR
  • Chongqing
  • Wuhan
  • Shanghai
  • Hangzhou
  • Nanjing
  • Qingdao
  • Changsha
  • Beijing
  • Tianjin
  • Urumqi
  • Lhasa

Taiwan SAR:

  • Taipei
  • Taichung
  • Taoyuan
  • Kaoshiung

Occupied Korea:

  • Seoul


  • Tokyo
  • Osaka
  • Kobe
  • Kyoto
  • Sapporo


  • Moscow


  • Bucharest


  • Paris

United Imperialist Kingdom of Britain:

  • London

Uncultured Shithole of America:

  • San Francisco
  • New York


  • Vancouver

Future coming trips:


  • Sanya
  • Zhuhai
  • Kashgar

Taiwan SAR:

  • Penghu Island

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