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  • I live in Tampa Bay Area, Florida
  • I was born on August 23
  • My occupation is College Student
  • I am Male

Hi, there. I'm ChocoMingo. Like Pomik, Collisions, and Jacoub, I can into Reddit.

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Floridaball This user is Floridian.
"Sunshine Sunshine"
734839 123081847860125 1037531438 n This user is American.
"God bless 'Murica."
Mexicoball I This user is Mexican.
"¿Que pasa vey?"
Colombian This user is Colombian.
"Bacano parce"
Capitalismball2 This user is Capitalist.
"Mr. Money will beat Hammer & Sickle!"
Liberalismball This user is Liberal.
"Respect the minorities!"
Scdemocracyball This user is Social democratic.
"Have mercy right-wing populists!!!"
Catholicball1 This user is Catholic.
"Habemus papam!"
2-icon0-icon1-icon6-icon This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2016
Spanish-iconUSA-icon This user is Hispanic-American
Happyball This user is Active.
Reditlinkball This user is a /r/polandballer.
"Upvote my comic plox"
The PWSC Trophy This user has won the 14th Edition of the Polandball Wiki Song Contest as USA-icon United States!
"You don't know how happy I am about this!"
ChocoMingo-icon States where ChocoMingo has gone Florida-icon US Georgia-icon SouthCarolina-icon NorthCarolina-icon
N. State Cities Date
1. Florida-icon Floridaball Miami-icon Miamiball
Tampa-icon TampaRawr
Florida-icon St. Petersburgball
Florida-icon Gainesvilleball
Orlando-icon Orlandoball
Florida-icon West Palm Beachball
Florida-icon Fort Lauderdaleball
Florida-icon Naplesball
Jacksonville-icon Jacksonvilleball
Florida-icon Tallahasseeball
When I was born
2. US Georgia-icon Georgiaball US Georgia-icon Savannahball
Atlanta-icon Atlantaball
US Georgia-icon Maconball
June 9, 2013
3. SouthCarolina-icon South Carolinaball SouthCarolina-icon Columbiaball (South Carolina)
SouthCarolina-icon Spartanburgball
SouthCarolina-icon Greenvilleball
SouthCarolina-icon Andersonball
June 9, 2013
4. NorthCarolina-icon North Carolinaball NorthCarolina-icon Ashevilleball June 9, 2013
ChocoMingo-icon Pages Created by ChocoMingo USA-icon
N. Name Date
1 Missouri-icon Fergusonball (Missouri) June 9, 2017
2 Georgia-iconUS Georgia-icon Georgiaball (disambiguation) June 12, 2017
3 Tennessee-icon Pigeon Forgeball July 22, 2017
4 New South Wales-iconAustralia-icon Wollongongball September 4, 2017
5 Queensland-iconAustralia-icon Brisbaneball September 18, 2017


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