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Hi. I'm just some random guy who exists. Nothing else to put here, ok bye! :D

K. That ain't funny, actually. BTW, hi. My name is Ryan. I am some guy who discovered Polandball via Youtube. I like history and geography, but my main interest is actually learning some long and obscure words, after discovering a Roblox game called Word Bomb. I started getting motivated to learn those kinds of words after seeing some players doing long words because I wanna be like them someday because why not? :DDDDD

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"Capitalism, Communism, Fascism, Who cares?"
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"Pinoy malakas! remove drugs! Duterte Duterte!"
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"God bless 'Murica."
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Q: What art program do you use for making countryballs?

A: I use IbisPaint X.

Q: How old are you???

A: You must figure it out by looking at the date I was born, K?

Q: Do you like Morgz, like your older brother?

A: N O .

Q: Where do you live?

A: I live in Orlando, Florida.

Q: Which one are you more into, geography or history?

A: Geography, though I also like history.

Art made by me


Me countrehhhhhhhh

meeeeee deviantart (just created my account wowaaaaaaaaah) smthn random idk

My fave animated series on Youtube

GradeAUnderA - This series follows Grade and his partner Under as they do commentary on various subjects and topics including Youtube, politics, sports, etc. He is easily one of the funniest Youtubers I've ever watched in my entire life. The animation is poorly done and isn't that good, but when the series is making me laugh this hard, I could honestly care less. What makes him really funny is that he does his commentary in a really funny and silly-sounding voice which cracks me up every time I watch and hear him rant. Grade does have good points when criticizing stuff and he tries to defend his points by explaining why they're right. If you haven't watched the series, do yourself a favor and go watch it. You're gonna have a really fun time watching this series.

Inanimate Insanity - I don't know if there are any other animated series on Youtube I've watched that are as emotional as this. I love how mature and human the characters in the show act. It's really deep on the themes it tackles. I really like the characters and the relationships they have with each other. The animation is really good, and the voting system is actually pretty interesting. I like how it makes the episodes more exciting by watching the contestants vote. Overall, this show is fantastic and I wish this show gets the recognition and praise it deserves.

Shooty-boi-icon.gif TRG - I can't believe me and him have A LOT in common. We hate K-POP, we're both Filipinos, we're part of the same two user groups, etc. He's definitely one of the best people I've ever met. Cheers, m8!
Shanguy400 1V-icon.png Shan - A really close friend of mine who edits a lot. I basically got some of my catchphrases from him too. I also tried to look away from the wiki for a minute and take a glimpse on the amount of edits he has done. Lol.
TGC-icon.png TGC - Another really good friend. We basically discuss about random shit like object shows.
CarloDaNub-icon.png Carlol
Canuckistan-icon.png Canuck
Kitty-Icon.png Shadow - Really epic and cool gal who’s a couple days older than me.
Lumi-icon.png Lumi - Very epic guy. GROUSE GANG AND MEME SUPREME FOR LIFE! :D Also I am his cookie maker.
GianluZ-icon.png Gianluca
OMG-icon.png Metal - I am kinda annoyed by his “sex jokes” and he sometimes pings me fnr in Discord and annoys me, but other that, we are fine. Fuck that shitty sex cult.
Del138.png Nathan
The Spectre-icon.png Justin - My older brother. Thanks to him, I got into wrestling. We both get along really, really well. No matter how much our conflicts tear us apart, at the end of the day, we will always be brothers and closely-related.
WF195-icon.png Phillip - The god of companyballs. I basically first met him in the CBW, and helped him contribute to it.
TimelightersMini-icon.png Timelighters
QEDAguy-icon.png Keyline Pie
ZARGH-icon.png Zargh - I remember the “gay bomb” thing in his server where if you don’t respond within 30 minutes, you become gay. LOL.
Button Dynasty-icon.png BD - Good guy who once asked me to help contribute to his wiki, and so I did, and I became admin via my prev account.
XerosPlex-icon.png Xeros
Ace Icon.png ACE
Gonzaloceballs-icon.png Gonzalo
BloxTheLoco2900-icon.png Blox - He first met me when he discovered that I was a fan of BFDI like him, and then TGC said that they’re also a fan of the show, and we basically became friends.
Romketa-icon.png Romketa
Splat yuto-icon.png Yuto
XinHai-icon.png XinHai
Mtcat101-icon.png Mtcat
Daniharut-icon.png Daniharut
Astrofan2003New-icon.png Astro - Another friend from the CBW who once gave me Admin-ship in one of his own wikis.
New Bosnian Empire-icon.png Zloji

Ivih-icon.png Ivih - Good friend who chats in the server uwu wholesome uwu me wholesome too wholesome gang :DDDDDDDD