aka Ryan

  • I live in 'Murica, FUCK YEAH!
  • I was born on August 4
  • My occupation is fucking school (also FANDOM)
  • I am your inevitable fate, now s h u t

Hello, it's me! Just a guy who used to be pretty immature, but now he is mature and acts like most of the GOOD users here. Sorry for all the damage I caused in my previous accounts, admins.

Man, I really must stop breaking my streak.

Why y'all are farming for badges? Badges ain't everything, y'know, what useful thing do they even give you??? How tf does getting a high ranking in the Leaderboard make you more well-known in the community?

Polandball grammar was like as if its was made by a drunk English man, no offense. 

Also, I try to correct my grammar every time I find out that my grammar is wrong, and btw, don't let my username trick you. ;p

One last thing, I left the wiki Discord server fsr because of IRL shit and other interests, but I guess you can re-invite me back to the server when most of the Discord servers I am at are fucking inactive. I mean, I know leaving doesn’t really help a lot, but still.

Ok but pls invite me back to da server if i tell u that most of the servers I am at are ded, aight? I am still gonna be pretty active here because, honestly, the wiki is WAY better than the server.



i liek vried chikin wid mah lemonz :DDDDDDDDDDDD


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History of me (including Discord shit because YEEEEEEEEEE-)

Ok, let's start in January of 2019 when I was still so immature and shit. Yeah, I did shit like spamming random categories just to get badges. Please don’t talk about me doing shit and stuff like that. or else...

Q: What art program do you use for making countryballs?

A: I use IbisPaint X.

Q: How old are you???

A: You must figure it out by looking at the date I was born, K?

Q: Do you like Morgz, like your older brother?

A: NO. He is probably the cringiest Youtuber I know of.

Q: Where do you live?

A: I live in Orlando, Florida.

Q: What is your real name?

A: Just take a look at my info, aight?

Art made by me


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