aka totally not wall-e, spurdo sparde :DDDDD

  • I live in benistan :DDDDDD
  • My occupation is saying "benis :DDDDDD" and "haha benis :DDDDDD"
  • I am benisexual :DDDDDD

Hello, it's me! Just a guy who used to be pretty immature, but now he is mature and acts like most of the GOOD users here. Sorry for all the damage I caused in my previous accounts, admins.

Man, I really must stop breaking my streak.

i don't speak taco srry

Polandball grammar was like as if its was made by a drunk English man, no offense. 

Also, I try to correct my grammar every time I find out that my grammar is wrong, and btw, don't let my username trick you. ;p

I rejoined the PBWDS because yes

you not even doing the rule follow >:CCCCCCC



i liek vried chikin wid mah lemonz :DDDDDDDDDDDD


to roblox players: you not even speak the anglish right bruv, you is not the smarter you rlly need anglish class rlly bad


do you is fall stairs you hurt your neck and say owwie when you fall down stairs fall ow

more like your mom older and have no mom was anyway not atopet and think so cooler rhan no make your milkshake with the banana

if you're reading this, cookies :D

stop being having autism or you are is big dumb :D

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History of me (including Discord shit because YEEEEEEEEEE-)

Ok, let's start in January of 2019 when I was still so immature and shit. Yeah, I did shit like spamming random categories just to get badges. Please don’t talk about me doing shit and stuff like that. or else...

Q: What art program do you use for making countryballs?

A: I use IbisPaint X.

Q: How old are you???

A: You must figure it out by looking at the date I was born, K?

Q: Do you like Morgz, like your older brother?

A: NO. He is probably the cringiest Youtuber I know of.

Q: Where do you live?

A: I live in Orlando, Florida.

Q: What is your real name?

A: Just take a look at my info, aight?

Art made by me


Me countrehhhhhhhh

meeeeee deviantart (just created my account wowaaaaaaaaah) smthn random idk

go commit lego step bitch


i'm do you are thank you a fish tank OBJ


thanos beatbox

Shanguy400 1V-icon Shan - My best friend who edits a lot. I basically got some of my catchphrases from him too. I also tried to look away from the wiki for a minute and see the amount of edits he has done lol.

TGC-icon TGC - Another really good friend. We basically discuss about random shit like object shows.

CarloDaNub-icon Carlol

Canuckistan-icon Canuck

Kitty-Icon Shadow - Pretty cool gal who’s a couple days older than me.

Lumi-icon Lumi

GianluZ-icon Gianluca

OMG-icon Metal - I am kinda annoyed by his “sex jokes” and he sometimes pings me fnr in Discord and annoys me, but other that, we are fine. Fuck that shitty sex cult.

Del138 Nathan

The Spectre-icon Justin - My older brother. We have some very different opinions on some YTers, for example. He thinks Morgz is cool while I think he’s cringe. But we are still fine because I respect his opinions. Not among my best friends on this wiki, but kinda close.

WF195-icon Phillip - The god of companyballs. I basically first met him in the CBW, and helped him contribute to it.

TimelightersMini-icon Timelighters

QEDAguy-icon Keyline Pie

ZARGH-icon Zargh - I remember the “gay bomb” thing in his server where if you don’t respond within 30 minutes, you become gay. LOL.

Button Dynasty-icon BD - Good guy who once asked me to help contribute to his wiki, and so I did, and I became admin via my prev account.

XerosPlex-icon Xeros

Ace Icon ACE

Gonzaloceballs-icon Gonzalo

BloxTheLoco2900-icon Blox - He first met me when he discovered that I was a fan of BFDI like him, and then TGC said that they’re also a fan of the show, and we basically became friends.

Romketa-icon Romketa

Splat yuto-icon Yuto

XinHai-icon XinHai

Mtcat101-icon Mtcat

Daniharut-icon Daniharut

Astrofan2003New-icon Astro - Another friend from the CBW who once gave me Admin-ship in one of his own wikis.

New Bosnian Empire-icon Zloji

Ivih-icon Ivih - Good friend who chats in the server uwu wholesome uwu me wholesome too wholesome gang :DDDDDDDD

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