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  • I live in murica baby
  • I was born on July 26
  • My occupation is breathing oxygen
  • I am a complete idiot
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"God bless 'Murica."
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ha ha hi im fco. ive been a polandball fan since 2016, and i make youtube videos for a living. just kidding i dont make money. also north carolina best carolina

places ive visited


haha none except USA-icon

us states

NorthCarolina-icon Tennessee-icon SouthCarolina-icon US Georgia-icon i really need to travel more

us cities





flag collection

i have a flag collection where i try to collect every flag of every country. heres the ones i have in the order i got them.

  1. usa
  2. canada
  3. mexico
  4. uk
  5. australia
  6. nepal
  7. germany
  8. china
  9. russia
  10. japan
  11. france
  12. portugal
  13. zimbabwe
  14. zambia
  15. yemen
  16. vietnam
  17. venezuela
  18. vatican city
  19. vanuatu
  20. uzbekistan
  21. uruguay
  22. united arab emirates
  23. ukraine
  24. uganda


tuvalu, turkmenistan, turkey, tunisia, trinidad and tobago, tonga

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