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Hi, im Gatoricon Gator, a fan of everything Polandball, and welcome to my userpage

My favorite pages

  • Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball iS of my country!
  • Depokball, this pagE is the first ever i take a lot of effort to improve it (im not the Creator of the page)

Tips for drawing countryballs

Here are sthe tips i can give you foR drawing countryballs basEd on my experience:

  1. Draw the bottom of the ball somewhat flaT,  so it looks like that the ball touched a ground/surface (this is optional)

Created Pages

Operation Trikora on 23:15, September 15, 2019‎

I LOVE ICONS i know its kinda unecessary to add them, but hey theyre kinda satisfying to see
VivelaspinVivelaspinVivelaspinAfghan-iconAustria-iconAlbania-iconAntigua-iconAndorra-iconArgentina-iconAbkhazia-iconArtsakh-iconBelize-iconBolivia-iconBrunei-iconBahrain-iconBarbados-iconBahrain-iconBrazil-iconBenin-iconCameroon-iconChad-iconChina-iconCanada-iconDenmark-iconEquatorial Guinea-iconEl Salvador-iconFinland-iconGuinea-iconGabon-iconIndonesia-iconIndia-iconJordan-iconMolossia-iconQatar-iconRomania-iconSolomon Islands-iconTogo-icon VivelaspinVivelaspinVivelaspin

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1.When did you found Polandball?
Well, it all started around 2016/2017 , that time i found a very interesting video (i forgot what video, but something about alternate future). That video fascinated me, and made me want to watch more, but at that time i didnt know it's a meme because at the time i have'nt know any memes either, but over time im getting bored watching it, and all of a sudden i forgot everything i know about countryballs.

It all changed on mid-2019, where i finally revived my countryball-loving self again, it happened when i somehow wanted to search countryballs on Google, and that's where i find this wiki, and here i am now. What a long answer lol

2. Why do you like Polandball so much?
I dont know, it's just like a perfect combo of geography,politics, history and memes which i both like.

Reminder: this is my opinion about politics and geography, so your opinion may vary from me
Every country that's in the UN-icon UN are independent (plus Vatican-icon Vatican, Sovereign Order of Malta Some exceptions:
- Palestine-icon Palestineball - Of independent and real (but i still recognize Israel-icon Israelcube tho).
- Kosovo-icon Kosovoball - not real, you're already given autonomy by Serbia-icon Serbiaball and thats it.

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