Gunnar foss

  • I live in California, USA.
  • I was born on December 18
  • My occupation is occupation? more like when a some random country occupies land
  • I am a user can into space only if there's a conflict in kashmir


I'm really active on this wiki.
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Gunnar Foss has 1,780 Points and he is ranked 57th place on the Leaderboard.

Gunnar Foss joined the Poland-icon Polandball Wiki in July 7, 2020

Gunnar-icon Gunnar Foss, also known as Gunnar Empire Mapping is a user that joined the wiki in July 7th, 2020. He's a Empire-iconPresident-icon Empire Constitutional Republic, Gunnar Empire was founded in August 2019, But Gunnar Foss's countryball was not as the same look as the Gunnar Empire, In June 27th, 2020, His real countryball look switched to the Gunnar Empire. 

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Things you can ask me

  1. You can ask me to be my friend.
  2. You can ask me to make a icon for you, or a drawing of you.

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