Long Islandball, is an island in New York-icon New Yorkball made of two, possibly three in the future, counties, he is also shaped like a deformed whale. Long Island is the black sheep of the New York family, being heavily conservative, segregated, rural, and corrupt. Becuase of this Long Islandball belive's he can be a stateball in vain, despite being irelvent and


Long Islandball was born as a 3ball, later adopted by Dutch-icon Dutch Empireball and later UK-icon UKball as part of it's Amrican Colonies, specificly New York-iconNew Yorkball. In 1776, he rebelled with 12 other states and became USAball. Long Islandball was very rual in contrast to it's western neighbor, while technically illegal, slavery was common practice among farmers in Long Islandball untill it became illegal nationally. Today Long Islandball produces a large amount of poultry and has large vineyards. Long Islandball faces problems with a high population, an increase in homelessness, segergated communities, political corruption, and a deer/tick problem.





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