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  • I live in man you could just look up in my userpage
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is (newbie) Keyboardist

IMPORTANT: I'm now inactive on this wiki. Goodbye!

User:Kanton88Delt/Drawing requests list

you know what, nvm

wow i guessed soviet22's youtube channel and apparently he has and he got some subs for making war memes

About me

Hi! I'm Kanton, an user from Indonesia and a founder of Polandball wiki in Indonesian language. You can call me Kanton.

My userflag (just in case if somebody wants to draw me)

Flag of kanton

Islam ball This user is Muslim.
"In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate"
Sunniball This user is Sunni.
"Allahu Ekber"
10439323 331036240389692 4634932731370941595 n This user is Indonesian.
"If yuo callings me polan one more time!"
Dead This user is inactive.
2-icon0-icon1-icon7-icon This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2017
This user is Male.

My "actual" artworks

My drawings for other users (requests)

Drawings for me from other users


  • Indonesia-icon StronkBitterGuy- KITA ANGGOTA GENG RAKYAT OTIS! goodbye, my best mate. I'll remember the times we talked about since last year.
  • Avastri-icon Avastri
  • MappingAustralia-icon MappingAustralia He was a good lad.
  • U4Again First friend that I met in Company Polandball Wiki
  • Wowntn-icon Wowntn - Semi-active friend that I met on a game developing thread. We usually talk about computer OSes. Red Star OS is good lol
  • CND-USACool CanadianUSACool Thanks for making my normal and clickbait remover mode icons! WCSKv2-icon WCSKv2-icon (eyepatch) Clickbait remover-icon Clickbait remover-icon (eyepatch)
  • Pomik108-icon Pomik108 - Had a great time when drunk talking Great artist! Thanks for making the polandball art discord server!
  • SF12-icon SF12 - Thanks for helping me in Polandball wiki in Indonesian!
  • TheRealStuff Mapping Official Icon 1 TRSM - Nope, I don't want to be your friend. We are friends recently :D
  • Soviet-icon Soviet22 Video kau emang beda dari video lain!
  • Othmann-icon Othmann - No, I don't hate Malaysia at all. Hating on a country just because "claims on something" or after losing a game is pointless and damn childish. Let's stop these "cultural claims".
  • Crev29-icon Crev you should still become a brick tbh
  • 7-icon Kurree
  • SOUP UltraSuperman

Pages Created by me

How to Draw me

  • Step by step to draw me (for the lazy)
    1. dude you can just imitate my flag on your drawing smh


Blank-icon: Can I be your friend?

WCSKv2-icon: Sorry, I'm now inactive.

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