aka Lorenzo Bertacchini

  • I live in Brescia
  • I was born on July 30
  • My occupation is a student
  • I am a car
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{{Infobox user
{{Infobox user
|name={{I|Lorenzo07}} Lorenzo
|name={{I|Lorenzo07}} Lorenzo {{I|Lorenzo07}}
|image= [[File:Lorenzo.png|thumb]]
|image= <gallery>
Lorenzo_80x.png|By Anna Kathrine
Lorenzo07.png|By me
Lorenzo0711.png|By Procimus
Lorenzo_by_M11.png|By M11
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08078965.png|By Kalimantan
Lorenzo_by_slovak.png|By Slovak
Lorenzo2.png|By Dinozx

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Hello at everybody, I'm Lorenzo07-icon Lorenzo, and I'm happy to contribute at this wiki.

About me

I'm a good guy, and i live in the city of Brescia-icon Brescia.

My wiki


My country


FJloO3G This user is Italian.
Sicily This user is Sicilian.
"I'm of south"
Catholicball1 This user is Catholic.
"Habemus papam!"
USAball This user is Democrat.
"Long Live The Multi-Party System!"
Happyball This user is Active.
Lorenzo This user is Lorenzo07
"I'm of proud italian"
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Lorenzo07-icon My normal version
Lorenzo07-icon (communist) My communist version

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