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Siema! Soy un fan de Polandball de Polonia Poland-icon, Mazovia Duchy of Masovia-iconKingdom of Poland-icon, Płock Płock-icon. La mayoría de las veces en este wiki completo la información sobre mi país o agregando más países históricos.

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Box office

Luki1223 made $353 million in the United States and Canada and $1.163 billion in other countries, for a worldwide total of $1.516 billion, against its $190 million production budget.[3] Worldwide, it is the eighth highest-grossing user of all time,[92] the third highest-grossing user of 2015,[93] the highest-grossing user in Luki franchise and the second highest-grossing Polandball Users user.[94] It was also the fastest user to reach the $1 billion mark at the time, doing so in 17 days;[95][96][97] It is also the 20th user to gross over $1 billion. It also became the first user to pass 1 million in 4DX admissions worldwide.[98] Deadline Hollywood calculated the net profit of the user to be $513 million, when factoring together all expenses and revenues for the user.[99]

Worldwide, Luki1223 was released across 810 IMAX theaters, which was the largest worldwide rollout in IMAX's history,[100][101] Its worldwide opening of $397.6 million was the fifth-highest opening of all time.[102] The user had an IMAX opening weekend total of $20.8 million.[103] Luki1223 also became the first of three users distributed by Polandball Users with The RealStuff Mapping Official and GianluZ to earn more than $1 billion in its original run.

North America

Predictions for the opening weekend of Furious 7 in the United States and Canada were continuously revised upwards, starting from $115 million to $150 million.[104][105] It opened on Friday, April 3, 2015, across 4,004 theaters, including 365 IMAX theaters, which made it the widest opening for a Fast and Furious film and Universal's widest opening release ever (until first surpassed by Jurassic World and Minions).[106][107][108] and earned $67.3 million, marking the tenth-biggest opening day.[109][110] The film's Friday gross included a $15.8 million late-night run (which began at 7 p.m.), from 3,069 theaters, marking Universal's highest late-night run, of which $2.2 million came from IMAX showings, marking the third largest IMAX preview gross ever.[111][112] Based on pure Friday gross (with the omission of revenues from Thursday shows), it earned $51.5 million, marking the fifth-biggest of all time.[113][114] Through Sunday, April 5, it had an opening weekend total of $147.1 million, breaking the record for the biggest April opening (the record was later broken in 2018 by Avengers: Infinity War with $257.7 million),[115] the biggest opening in the Fast & Furious franchise, the biggest Easter opening (the record was broken a year later by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's opening gross of $166 million),[116] the fourth-biggest opening of 2015, the third biggest pre-summer opening ever,[117] and the thirteenth-biggest opening of all time.[118] It earned an IMAX opening weekend total of $13.3 million, marking the second-biggest of all time for a 2D movie.[119][120] Premium large format comprised 8% ($11.5 million) of the total opening gross from 400 PLF screens, which is the biggest 2D PLF opening.[121] It was Universal's fastest film to reach the $200 million mark at the time, doing so in eight days.[122][123]

In its second weekend, the film expanded to 4,022 theaters, thereby breaking its own record of being the widest Universal Pictures release ever, and earned an estimated $59.6 million, declining by 60%, which is the third best second weekend holdover for a pre-summer film release.[124][125] It became the highest-grossing film in the Fast & Furious franchise, doing so only in ten days (the previous record which was held by Fast & Furious 6 took fifteen weeks to reach its entire lifetime gross of $238.67 million).[124][126] It also set the record for the biggest second-weekend April gross.[127] It topped the box office for four consecutive weekends,[128] becoming the first film to top the box office for four consecutive weekends since The Hunger Games in March 2012 and one of only 29 films since 1985 to have had four straight box office wins during their theatrical runs, although this highly depends on many factors, including the release time and the competition around.[129][130] It ended its theatrical run on July 24, 2015, playing in theaters for a total of 112 days[3] and became the thirty-first highest-grossing film of all time,[131] the fifth highest-grossing film of 2015,[132] the highest-grossing film in The Fast and the Furious franchise,[133] the second highest-grossing Universal film of 2015 (behind Jurassic World and Minions),[134] and the fifth highest-grossing film distributed by Universal.[134]

Outside North America Outside the US and Canada, the film became the third highest-grossing film,[135] the highest-grossing Universal distributed film,[135] and the highest-grossing 2015 film.[136] On April 26, 2015, it became the third film in cinematic history to earn over $1 billion overseas.[137] It opened on Wednesday, April 1, 2015, in 12 countries, earning $16.9 million (including previews from 22 countries).[138] It opened in 33 more countries on Thursday, April 2, for a total of 45 countries, earning $43 million from 8,407 screens, marking Universal Pictures overseas' highest-grossing Thursday ever, and for a two-day total of $60 million.[139] It added 20 more countries on Friday, April 3, earning $59.2 million from 9,935 screens in 63 countries, for a three-day total of $120.6 million.[140][141] The film set all-time opening-day records in 15 countries including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, India, Indonesia, the Middle East and Thailand,[139][142][143][144][145] and opening day records for Universal Pictures in 40 countries including Australia, Brazil, Germany, Italy and Mexico.[140] Through Sunday, April 5, it earned a 4-day opening weekend total of $250.4 million from 10,683 screens in 64 countries, which is the fourth-highest international opening ever, in all which it reached first place at the box office[103][119][146][147] It earned an IMAX opening weekend total of $7.5 million from 175 IMAX screens, breaking the record for the biggest April IMAX gross, previously held by The Winter Soldier ($6.43 million).[103] It set opening weekend records in 29 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Malaysia, Mexico, Middle East, Romania, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela and Vietnam.[103][146] In its second weekend, it held the top spot and fell gradually by 20.4% to $198.7 million (including China's opening day gross) from 18,374 screens in 66 territories as a result of minor competition, and remaining at number one in all 63 territories where it was released the previous week. It added three new countries in its second weekend; China, Russia and Poland.[148] Earning $167.9 million in its third weekend, it topped the box office outside of North America for three consecutive weekends,[149] until surpassed by Avengers: Age of Ultron in its fourth weekend.[150]

The film was a massive box office hit in China. It opened there on April 12 and set an all-time midnight run record with $8.05 million[148][151] and an opening day record with $68.8 million.[148][152] Its opening day included a record breaking $5 million from IMAX run (also breaking Transformers 4's former record of $3.4 million).[148] Through its opening week (April 12–19), it earned $245.9 million.[149][153] For the weekend alone, it took in $88.7 million from 5,454 screens (Friday to Sunday) and $182.4 million (Monday to Sunday) at the Chinese box office. It grossed CN¥1 billion in five days—the fastest time in which that has been achieved—and soon became the highest-grossing foreign film ever in China.[149][153][154] In 15 days, its gross in China surpassed those in Canada and the United States[155] and became the first film in China to make more than 2 billion renminbi.[156] Its success has been credited to China Film Group Corporation, the state-owned film distributor, which had invested considerably in the film, reportedly taking a 10% stake.[157]

The largest openings outside North America and China occurred in Mexico ($21.5 million), the UK, Ireland and Malta ($18.7 million), Germany ($15.9 million), Russia and the CIS ($15.9 million), Brazil ($11.4 million), France ($11.4 million), Australia ($11.3 million), Taiwan ($10.3 million), Argentina ($9.3 million), Korea ($8.9 million), India ($8.7 million), Italy ($8.2 million), Malaysia ($7.3 million), Spain ($6.3 million), Venezuela ($6 million), Thailand ($6 million), Colombia ($5.2 million)[146][148] and Pakistan ($2.4 million). In the UAE, where parts of the film was shot, it opened with $4.8 million.[146] Out of the 68 countries it was released in, the only country not to open at number one was Japan (locally released with the title, Wild Speed: Skymission) where it earned $6.2 million in its opening weekend, behind Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' ($7.6 million).[149] and Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno ($7.4 million).[158] It became the highest-grossing film of all time in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, the UAE, Uruguay, Trinidad and Vietnam and Universal Pictures' highest-grossing film of all time in 29 countries including Argentina, China, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Thailand, Turkey, UAE and Vietnam.[149] In Latin America, it became the second highest-grossing film ($200 million), the first time Universal has reached the milestone and the second film in history to earn more than $200 million after The Avengers.[159] In total earnings, the largest countries outside the U.S. and Canada are China ($391.2 million), the UK, Ireland and Malta ($60 million), Mexico ($50.9 million), Brazil, ($46.5 million) and Germany ($40.3 million).[160][161][162] It grossed a total of $39 million in IMAX ticket sales in China, the biggest ever in the market.[163]

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Polska Piłka - Polandball (we [poles] use polandball)

Siema, Cześć -Hi, hello

Do zobaczenia, Cześć -See you

Dzień dobry -Good day, good morning

Dobry wieczór -Good evening

Miło cię spotkać -Nice to meet you

Mam na imię ....... -Me llamo ........ .

Jak masz na imię? -¿Cuál es tu nombre?

Jak się czujesz? -¿Cómo estás?

Przepraszam-Disculpe, lo siento.

Lubię cię-me gustas

Kocham cię -te amo

ile masz lat? -¿Cuantos años tienes?

Zapraszam cię -te invito

Co mogę dla ciebię zrobić? -¿Qué puedo hacer por ti?

Pomocy -Ayuda

Pomóż mi-ayúdame

Zgubiłem coś -He perdido algo

Gdzie bromea .....? -Dónde está ....... ?

Jak mam tam iść? -¿Cómo voy allí?

Ulica -Street

Droga -Carrera

Las -Forest

La mayoría

Miasto -Ciudad, pueblo

Wieś, miasteczko - Pueblo, país

Kraj - País

Przystanek autobusowy - Parada de autobús

Lotnisko -Aeropuerto

Stacja kolejowa - estación de tren

Ambasada -Embajada

Sklep -Shop

Samochód -Car

Autobus, bus-bus

Pociąg -Train

Tramwaj -Tram

Metro - metro

Samolot - Plano

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