aka LumiNyte aka Lumi

  • I live in Turkey.
  • I was born on June 11
  • My occupation is Student.
  • I am Male.
  • Bio I am a guy
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"I have things to do elsewhere"
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"Kebabı savunun!"
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"Մենք պետք է հեռացնենք ադրբեջանցի ճնշողներին:"
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"God exists or not?"
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"the when"
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Drawings made by me

Drawings made for me


Artsakh-icon Artsakhball and Nakhchivan-icon Nakhchivanball - Armenia

Catalonia-icon Cataloniaball and Basque-icon Basqueball- Neutral

Kosovo-icon Kosovoball - Serbia

Palestine-icon Palestineball - Real

Israel-icon Israelcube - Real

Transnistria-icon Transnistriaball - Neutral

Armenia-icon Armenian Genocide - Real

Israel-icon Holocaust- Real

Ukraine-icon Holodomor- Real



Almost all countries but most importantly:

  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball- Homeland and great country! But the Armenian genocide was real, stop denying it!
  • Armenia-icon Armeniaball - I am 25% Armenian and I love this country! People there are nicer than Turks!
  • EU-icon Literally the entire Europe - Yes
  • Greece-icon Greeceball - Awesome country to go to! Let the past die, kill it if you have to.


  • Serbia-icon Serbiaball - Cool country tbh, but the kept torturing other countries in the Yugoslav wars.
  • Iran-icon Iranball - They support Armenia but down with radical Islamism!


  • Azerbaijan-icon Azerbaijanball - Stole Armenian land and denies the Armenian genocide! ARTSAKH IS ARMENIA! NAKCHIVAN IS ARMENIA!
  • Ottoman-icon Ottoman Empireball - They have done so many fucking bullshit that I don’t have to explain.

  • Romania-icon gneiSenau - My first friend on the wiki. He was one of the best admins of Luminia and improved it a lot. He is not an ultranationalist and a genocide denier anymore. Too bad Luminia's downfall made him delete his discord...
  • Saudi Arabia-icon Sambruh9 - I have mixed feelings towards him. He is politically kinda weird. But still a friend. You didn't deserve the raids by Kuwaiti Ball.
  • Tankadar-icon Tankadar - I praise you. You are Luminia's best parliament member/future admin. And a great friend as well. Based.
  • Armenia-icon Sheitan - Good old friend. He was the star of Luminia in the gaystorm age and he still is cool. Too bad he is gone...
  • HellenicNapalm-icon Hellenic Napalm - One of my oldest friends on the wiki. And a nice based guy in general.
  • Moldavia-icon Razvan - The. He is a great Luminian and a great friend.
  • Indonesia-icon Prometheus - One of the best people I met online. He is funny when he needs to be funny. He is serious when he needs to be serious. Davie504 gang btw


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