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  • I live in the nation that has a lot of llamas
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is moments of bruh
  • I am ecogender haha

alright so first of all, this user is blocked, but i am his old account who’s editing this, second of all, i was blocked because i apparently raided a server, everyone quickly lost respect for me and when i tried to explain to them most of them understood, some ignored and some already had blocked me. i did not give up, but sooner i just gave up on it, i was told somethings i am not willing to reveal since i prefer to not say it since it could change some properties of the block. third, i give up on this community, the server is ultimately the death of the wiki, the admins are trying to make it more centered on the server, when they’re told about it they use the arguments that “it’s about wiki so a block and ban thing sjjeidififk!”. fourth, can i talk about how flawed the moderation system is? they do nothing, they only find out about vandals when they’re reported on the wikia channel, they just spent all of their day on discord instead of helping this wiki grow, they don’t even care about the population of the wiki and that’s the funny part. fifth, there’s a literal crusade against users who commit the slightest of rule-breaking, take caio for example who sees someone close to greater somalia and go like “i think this guy underage :D”, also zargh who hates circle tools more than anybody else. sixth, i already have another community to are with

PBW Metal78 Coffin Dance

PBW Metal78 Coffin Dance

Rip metal78

if you want to contact me:

Discord: ! ! ! SolarFN#0290

Twitter: @SolarFNRB

(oh yeah also please stop making the wiki centered on the server it ain’t 2019 any fucking more thanks)

so with that in mind...

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Lima-icon the funny time in Lima and New York City be like NYC-icon

09:20, Jul 8, 2020 but 5 less hours because no one knows why Wikia chose this random timezone as their basis for the website servers

OhmyGAHHH-icon Hello and welcome to my userpage OhmyGAHHH-icon


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Haaaaaaa Welcome to OhmyGAHHH-icon OhmyGAHHH's Userpage.
You can explore my profile, send me messages on my message wall and check out my blogposts, but you cannot edit my profile without my permission (unless you're an admin). (yes i stole the whole thing from someone else because i had no ideas)
2xtUXNqsE6hXT-9bdp29OZrdqViSvgckJYLDBR4zSVw This user is Peruvian.

whatever is below is epic and you should see it because yes

also known as solar and metal, though i prefer metal and any name related to ohmygahhh

yesex this is so epicnis and coolnis
OhmyGAHHH-icon Me, perhaps what I say all day long in Discord servers

life is just a big bruh moment and then you die

OhmyGAHHH-icon (longhat)

el sex

oh yeah they banned sex jokes in april 8 2020 this is so unepic bro rip skyrim and dan :pensive: they can no longer do sex jo-oh wait i can't say it in front of anyone at this point :flushed:

Joe left us.

houston, we have a bruh moment

she say she wanna fuck with me but i ain’t got the time

penis music

>saying oof in 2020
>i’m sorry sir, but i must obtain your human rights





YOU in polandball fandom com


diversion graciosa :epicemoji:

mfw that epic moment and feeling when 2020 is 2018 2.0 because 2020ers won't join discord :flushed: SO EPIC BRO!!!!!!!!



important things

if you come here because of a page that leads to this then i'm pretty sure you'll like these

the introduction

oh hello there, did not see you there, you- alright let’s just call you you. well you see, you, what you are seeing right here is one of the best userpages in 2020. isn’t it clean? i don’t think there’s any need to introduce myself as a whole, since you’ve read my username and possibly my infobox, but that doesn’t really matter, welcome to one of the most epic places in the world wide web, what you’re about to read is

your mom 👊🏾🧢




found polandball thanks to a youtuber called “Un Juan Cualquiera”, ended up watching more videos about polandball, found it again through Know Your Meme, joined Polandball Wiki because people from the Roblox wiki were in the wiki too, became inactive for like 2 months, joined again, met some friends, tried to make an unofficial discord server with the help of wkbk and crev, ended up a failure, an official server was created, joined it, left the wiki to play fortnite as a higher priority, remained in the discord server, warned for posting about my fortnite waifus.

then joined twitter and fuck ton of shit happened and then i got suspended for the 2nd time and joined the wiki again, joined enjania wiki, but while on my pbw stay i caused lotta drama, especially with fearless, supposedly denied his depression, got banned for 2 weeks, in the mean time i started making a super power in enjania wiki, edited nieuwegeinball’s profile twice, blocked for 2 weeks, enjania wiki dies, try to make another wiki called “GAHHH Wiki”, join pbw again, made another drama with fearless which was the last straw for shadow, was told to shut the fuck up by Pescavelho, lost byz as a friend, left the server, mentioned this drama 1 day later in my wiki, argument with nj, he leaves, everyone leaves, the wiki dies, argue with nj and sniper over the spamming of the replace image category (aka his project) on chocomingo’s message wall, get blocked forever, avery tells choco that my block was unfair, agreed to shorten my block, i later had some shit drama in because sih kept saying “he’s here to cause drama”, lost more friends, solved it on peaceful manners, regained some friends, tried to join pbu but my shitty past didn’t leave the server and i got banned for no reason other than blocking some guy who kept pestering me, spent like 2 months of doing nothing, rejoined with one of my old alts from mario fanon wiki, found some friends, made a wiki, it got some users, decided to leave the pbwds once again, and here we are now.

my history on fandom itself? too long to put in here, for context, i acted like an autistic 5 year old on both english and spanish wikis from 2014 to 2017, then i made the account called ohmygahhh and you know what happens after that


see my infobox lol

and yes i'm in a Canuckistan-icon CarloDaNub-icon friends group CuteSushiPizza-icon UltraSuperman-icon

opinions on countries lol


  • Peru-icon - underrated tbh underrated goated on the sticks grinding for evade keyboard player creative warrior jokes aside, very nice country, probably my favorite one, it has a rich history, rich culture, very good food, nice people, though not many people recognize its existence, but something i must tell you is, this country is epic as FUCK
  • USA-icon - best country ever de facto, and no, didn’t say it was my favorite, but it’s the best in many things, plus they’re my second favorite, i am planning to move to nyc one day
  • Canada-icon - good country imagine thinking peru copied canada’s flag smh and a very developed one
  • UK-icon - funny good cool
  • Iran-icon - why is your brain dumb
  • Italy-icon - would visit but i don’t know what i would do there, one of my uncles lives there though
  • Chile-icon - good country but i dislike when it gets more recognized than peru, lot of friends are from there
  • Argentina-icon - lol
  • France-icon - i would like to go there
  • Japan-icon - you
  • Brazil-icon - will visit if i can
  • Guyana-icon - Hi! im a 18 year old guyanese guy, currently without any jobs, but wanting to get into a medicine university, i like playing games and playing football with friends!

Also, VemmaJA is my hero in this wiki, because inspired me when i saw his editing in Guyanaball, thanks for making me love more my country :)

  • Venezuela-icon - ball
  • Colombia-icon - all i know is that this will be the first country i ever visit in my whole life besides peru
  • Ecuador-icon - nice country
  • Lima-icon - only left it like one time in my whole life for my cousin’s birthday in Ica-icon ica lol
  • Ica-icon - good
  • California-icon - why



Kosovo-icon - yes

Palestine-icon - de facto; no, de-jure; depends

Crimea-icon - part of Ukraine-icon but de-jure controlled by Russia-icon

Taiwan-icon - independent; yes, real government of Qing-icon; no

Northern Cyprus-icon - no

Artsakh-icon - de-facto; Azerbaijan-icon, de-jure; Artsakh-icon Azerbaijan-icon Armenia-icon, what it should be; Armenia-icon

South Ossetia-icon File:Abkazhia-icon.png - no

Catalonia-icon Basque-icon - no

Falklands-icon - UK-icon


copied from my old userpage

Arica y Parinacota-icon Arica y Tarapaca-icon Tarapaca son Peru-icon Peruanas.

Kosovo-icon Kosovo is a fully independent state and not part of Serbia-icon Serbia. It is not a western puppet or an Albania-icon Albanian puppet, and for the Serbs living there, two words; population exchange.

Palestine-icon Palestine is part of Israel-icon Israel, but I believe it could work as a nation, the problem is that Israel would be left with not much land, so there could be some limitations in the borders that they would have, but Palestine would be too small if that was the case as well. My idea is a one-state, both countries united under one banner, like Austria-Hungary-icon Austria-Hungary. There could be a population exchange if the borders proposal becomes a reality.

Crimea-icon Crimea is part of Ukraine-icon Ukraine, but it is used on most parts to be seen as part of Russia-icon Russia so I got pretty used.

Taiwan-icon Taiwan is a fully independent state, and they should take over China-icon China’s government.

Northern Cyprus-icon Northern Cyprus is a part of Cyprus-icon Cyprus, there's no actual reason as to why Turkey-icon Turkey should have a puppet state on an island that was always inhabited by Crusader-icon Christians and Ancient Greece-icon Greeks.

Artsakh-icon Artsakh is an hybrid of de facto and de jure when it comes to its independence, to me it could be a fully independent state but technically it's part of Azerbaijan-icon Azerbaijan, it all comes down to the context.

South Ossetia-icon South Ossetia and Abkhazia-icon Abkhazia are both part of Georgia-icon Georgia, the only reason Russia-icon Russia would want it to exist is because they want either a puppet or some additional land.

Catalonia-icon Catalonia and Basque-icon Basque are still a part of Spain-icon Spain, but they can still declare independence at any time, though there's a slim chance that it could either work or simply fail as a state. This includes all of the states of Spain.

The Falklands-icon Falkland Islands are an overseas territory part of UK-icon the UK and not part of Argentina-icon Argentina, the Argentina-icon (modern soldier) Falklands War's causus belli was Argentinian nationalism.

Armenia-icon Ottoman-icon The Armenian Genocide DID happen, anything that could be considered an attempt to exterminate a certain race/ethnicity is considered a genocide by me.

Kurdistan-icon Kurdistan should be a fully independent country, but they really aren’t right now, though once again, a population exchange should be put in place.

Sealand-icon S-bruh

Northern Ireland-icon North Ireland should join Ireland-icon Ireland if the UK-icon UK ever splits, which I doubt will happen.

Panama-icon Panama is Federal Republic of Central America-icon Central American, Colombia-icon Colombia may have owned it in the past but that doesn't change the fact it's Central American.

Western Sahara-icon Western Sahara should be autonomous so the whole conflict ends, also is de-facto controlled by Morocco-icon Morocco.

Kingdom of Serbia-icon Serbia is not responsible for German Empire-icon Austria-Hungary-icon Ottoman-icon World War I UK-icon Russian-Empire2-icon France-icon in a direct way, Gavrilo Princip was the one who started it by firing the gun.

Uruguay-icon Uruguay should be an independent state, not part of Argentine Confederation-icon Argentina nor Brazilian Empire-icon Brazil.

While I agree that the Wexit states could work as a separate country from Canada-icon Canada, I do not believe that they should gain independence just now, the hype around Wexit is overrated.

The crimes committed by Alberto Fujimori-icon Alberto Fujiimori happened though the justification depends, but they were still crimes no matter what.

Communism-icon Shining Path was behind the Tarata bombing of 1992.

The UK-icon UK would be better united rather than split, many reasons are behind the reasoning of this opinion.

Juan Guaidó should be in control of Venezuela-icon Venezuela.

North Korea-icon North Korea and South Korea-icon South Korea should unite and form a united Unified Korea-icon Korea, they are already friends now, meaning there is a logical reason to why they should and could unify, sooner or later.

West Timor-icon West Timor should unify with East Timor-icon East Timor to form Unified Timor-icon Unified Timor. Though this shouldn't really be the case with Papua New Guinea-icon Papua New Guinea.

Aland-icon Aland should be part of Sweden-icon Sweden.

Transnistria-icon Transnistria is not independent, they could be, but they have not declared independence, also it is up to the UN-icon UN to decide its sovereignty or not.

Hong Kong-icon China-icon Both sides have its flaws.

opinion people

  • Anonymous Asexual-icon Anonymous Asexual-icon (2018) Anonymous Asexual - moments of
  • Martín Vizcarra-icon - Martín Vizcarra - one of the best presidents peru has ever had
  • Alberto Fujimori-icon Alberto Fujimori - bad president for his massacres but atleast better than guzman
  • Communism-icon Abimael Guzman - retar d
  • Obama-icon Obama - the best us peesident
  • {{I|Donald Trump Donald Trump - i am a latino, and i don’t think he’s really racist, just want the immigrants to do some additional shit to become citizens, atleast that’s what i know, but is the cause of why antifa is acting like shit
  • John Paul II-icon John Paul II - best pope in catholic history, he was sent by god to make the world a better place, an example is how he acted towards the person who tried to assassinate him, he forgave the guy.

stuff i like

  • Earth-icon Languages - i was always interested in languages, they’re so diverse, yet so similar and curious, it is always fun to learn them
  • A Random Ball-icon Icons - i really like them, seeing them, their accuracy, the hats, the many versions of icons, how easy it is to make them and just how good it looks
  • Discord-icon Discord - been an user since 2015, so it was already expected. plus it’s one of the best programs to download on any pc
  • Roblox-icon Roblox - i always loved roblox, since the day i discovered it and made an account back in early 2015, in fact it is the thing that made me learn english, the forums were one of my favorite websites, the chats were so fun, so many possibilities, so many friends, and a portion of just about everything (REST IN DIARRHEA, ATR AND RN&D)
  • Fortnite-icon Fortnite - yes, i do in fact play it, and i am also anti-anti-fortnite in most cases so don’t go around insulting fortnite with no specific reason other than “OVERRATED AND CRINGE AND WORST GAME EVER AND ROBLOX IS BETTER AND IT’S POPULAR AND EVERYONE HATES IT AND I WANNA LOOK COOL SO I HATE IT!!!”
  • Minecraft-icon Minecraft - originally played it on my cousin’s xbox and also used McLeaks to play it, but since i got a new laptop and UltraSuperman-icon UltraSuperman gave me a redeem code, i can now play it and play in servers as well, especially Beany-icon Beany‘s server
  • FIFA-icon Football - i just like to play it with my cousins, not watch games though, i am not a huge fan of football, i just love playing it and enjoying, but if it's a match where my country is on then it's clear i'm going to support them (ALIANZA LIMA YEAH EPICpenisbutsexEPIC)
  • VideoGameBall-icon Video Games - they have been a part of my life for the most of my life, i was originally introduced to them by my aunt when she downloaded a snes emulator on the family pc, but i started playing videogames myself earlier, flash games to be specific, most which i played with my grandmother's sister, i then got a 3ds for my christmas eve in 2014, and the game included in it was Mario and Luigi: Dream Team (which i still have not completed after almost 6 years), then the next year i got a wii u (with Mario Kart 8), next year i got a laptop (where i played Team Fortress 2), next year i got a PS4 (where i played Minecraft, GTA V and Fortnite) and then got an iPad (where i have many games downloaded) and then i got a new laptop, since my laptop broke in early 2018 and i wanted a gaming laptop (oh and have i talked about Miiverse yet?)

Club Penguin

OhmyGAHHH-icon bruhnis

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