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  • I live in The Philippines
  • I was born on August 16
  • My occupation is A Polandball Artist
  • I am Awesome

Hello. I know that only some would bother coming back to this specific page about me, but anyways I just want to leave this note here. I know I never left a formal message of why I left but I also don't think there's a need to do so. Anyways, I just wanted to say how thankful I am to this wiki. 4 years ago, I was still bummed of having to go to high school because all of my friends in elementary left for different schools so I had no clue on how to make friends and so one day, I randomly popped up in the wiki. And tbh, I don't ever regret joining this wiki. But sadly, I'm not a child anymore and that's basically why I left. I have found new things to be interested in life and holding on to something that doesn't excite you anymore is torture. So yeah, that's basically it. PS. I play Mobile Legends:Bang Bang if that interests you (gib skinz pls). Y'all have fun with life.

MoshAbsolute is a regular and old user of this wikia. He usually makes and edit Filipino related pages for he is a Filipino. Also he is a /r/polandball approved submitter


MoshAbsolute is quiet in chat but mostly active while other users are asleep due to time zones. He usually doesn't care about anything but gives attention to Alts, Spams, and Huge Wiki Dramas.

He usually respects everyone and doesn't care about what someone is.


He has the new Fellocian Flag (his fictional country). He sports a top hat with no ribbon, a monocle and Japan Cat with Grey fur. Japan Cat's name is Absolute, that is why he is named MoshAbsolute.

Before he used to have the old Fellocian Flag (basically, a Philippine flag with the white triangle replaced as diamond placed in the center and has four stars representing the new 4 region of Fellociana).

Way back, the old Fellocian flag avatar sports a grey aura, next a green and orange aura. After having placed in the Leaderboards, he sported a crown and a superhero cape. His last appearance was him with the old Fellocian flag with an Orange Absolute.


MoshAbsolute started editing in Polandball Wikia since August 21, 2015. Ever since he started editing in the wikia, he also started chatting and meeting different users, including the Admins and Chatmods. He mostly made Filipino pages.

He proposed an Award Ceremony for Polandball Wikia named Polandball Wikia's Choice Awards. Though it was not an original idea, he managed to pull it together with the help of Bresbeba and Devonball. Currently there are 3 PBWCAs.

In June 2016, he started to have a hiatus and he returned in April 2017. Though in hiatus, he entered the Discord Server of Polandball Wikia shortly several times.


He became a regular contributor ever since he joined the community.


The pages he made are all Filipino Cityballs. Also, way before he just edits misspelled words and adding categories.

Blogs and Forums

His blogs are related to PBWCA and other normal blogging things.

His Forums meanwhile are still PBWCA related, nothing special.


If you want to know, just search for a PBWCA forum.


He is well-known for his arts. His arts include different users in the wikia and comics from his old Adminship in Facebook.

People from 2015 That I Know

People I know

One if his noticeable arts is Antonio12ITA's Avatar Picture.

Q: Can I be your friend xdd?

A: No, now stop asking.

Q: Can I add you in my friends list?

A: Sure, but I won't add you on mine, now stop asking.

Q: What is PBWCA?

A: Basically, it's a People's Choice Awards, now stop asking.

Q: Why You Not Put Me Friends ;(?

A: Eh, idc, now stop asking.

Q: Why my card not silver ;(?

A: Pls read the rankings, now stop asking.

Q: I've waited 4 months for my card, WHERE IS IT?

A: There are more people relevant than you are, now stop asking.

Q: (User/Subject) is (status/adjective/noun+preposition).

A: K, idc.

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