• I live in a small house but my windows look out on a very large world. --- Confucius
  • I am not what I ought to be, I am not what I want to be, I am not what I hope to be in another world; but still I am not what I once used to be, and by the grace of God I am what I am --- John Newton

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Romketa-icon Romketa for icon! Mtcat101-icon

New Bosnian Empire-icon Zlojicanel for art!

Switz1815-icon Switz for art!

NotFunnyChan69-icon NotFunny for 2 arts!

Splat yuto-icon Splat yuto for art!

Number1Dfan-icon Dfan for 2 arts!

Bosnia Mapper-icon Bosnia Mapper for art!

User Icon MLCHN MLCHN for art!

Byz-icon Byz for art!

TSHM-icon TSHM for art!

FriedWAffles-Hat FriedWaffles for 2 gif icons! Mtcat101-icon-blink Mtcat101-icon-gun

RCZeero-icon Zero for 5 arts!!

Tankhun-icon Tankhun for art!

Kitty-Icon Shadow for art!

VardanC-icon Vardan for art!

JugoslavFloor-icon Jugoslav for art!

ZARGH-icon Zargh for art!

Candi-Icon Candi for art!

HoodlumsIcon Hoodlum for art!

404-icon Ailona for art!

Rex pickle-icon Rex for art!

Gunnar-icon Gunnar for art!

BlueLightning127-icon Blue Lightning for art!

United Patriots-icon United Patriots-icon United Patriots-icon United Patriots-icon The United Patriots United Patriots-icon United Patriots-icon United Patriots-icon United Patriots-icon United Patriots-icon

ZARGH-icon ZARGH- Called me Mtcart on Discord. I like Algeria. Made me art.

Peanutbutter6790-icon Peanut Butter- Your userball is really cool.

NeyaAmhed-icon Dfan- I was her first friend. Really nice. Made art for me.

TriangleAlliance-icon Triangle Alliance- Really cool. I made art for him and is using it as his profile pic right now. Called me a good artist (thanks).

Bouncyy(1) Bouncy- Made icon for you too. I was his first friend.

Carlo-icon Carlo- The first member of the UP to not be my friend beforehand. Now he is my friend. Also, great artist.

CuteSushiPizza-icon SushiPizza- Cool. Also, COOKIES.

ChineseSocialist 1-icon Chinese Socialist- Played in my mapping game. The second member of the UP to not be my friend beforehand.

Romketa-icon Romketa- My first friend. Have not heard from him in a while. My first art (other than me) went to him. Made me my icon.

JugoslavFloor-icon Jugoslav- Made art for me.

OhmyGAHHH-icon Metal78- Became friend under LuigiPower129 after he got blocked. RIP

NotFunnyChan69-icon Not Funny- I was her first friend. Made icon too. Great artist, you draw well. Also made art for me.

Greek-Empire-user-icon Greek- Really cool. Also haven't seen in a while.

Wot-icon Wotball- OK, your userball is hilarious hope that doesn't offend you. I made an icon for you. Really cool.

RCZeero-icon Zero- Good artist. I made art for you. He makes many arts for me. Like many! The most anyone ever has!

Ross Dependency-icon Ross- Cool.

Bosnia Mapper-icon Bosnia Mapper- Made art for me. Cool guy.

TSHM-icon TSHM- Cool. Made art for me.

VardanC-icon Vardan- You can into squished. Made art for me.

FriedWAffles-Hat Waffles- Made art for me. Really cool.

Candi-Icon Candi- Great artist. Made art for me.

HoodlumsIcon Hoodlum- Kind. Cool. Made art for me. Yay.

Switz1815-icon Switz- Great artist. Also, s w i t z e r l a n d.

Bretttheboi-icon Brett- Kind. I helped him get a kick-start on the wiki. Made an icon and art for him. Lives in my city. Blocked (rip).

SouthAfricaRules-icon South Africa Rules- Kewl. I made the icon. On their way to being a great artist.

User Icon MLCHN MLCHN- Great artist.