aka Not Funny

  • I live in Windsor, Canada
  • I was born on May 30
  • My occupation is D̶e̶p̶r̶e̶s̶s̶e̶d̶ Artist
  • I am ˢᵃᵈ


Hello, welcome to my shitty wonderful profile! I am NotFunnyChan69, aka Not Funny, aka Sarah, I am a random artist here and you can always ask me if you would like me to draw your userball (it’s never trouble, don’t worry) I also make icons occasionally though that is not what I am known for

These are my icons NotFunnyChan69-icon NotFunnyChan69(2)-icon NotFunnyChan69(Flower)-icon and you can use them if you are my friend to which I usually accept friend requests if I trust you

My Favourite Countries

Here are some countries I like:

  • Canada-icon Canada - A lovely country with (sometimes) nice people, where I live and was born.
  • Colombia-icon Colombia - Another beautiful country with amazing culture and food, where my dad was born.
  • Russia-icon Russia - I love everything about this place, the language, their music like hardbass, and the culture too. I would love to visit it one day with my irl friend who is Russian.
  • Japan-icon Japan - Hee hee weeb land I'm a weeb hee hee I've also wanted to visit it too and see all the stores, they look lovely
  • USA-icon USA - i̶̞͑̋̔̑̀̀͂̍͂̕̕̕̚ ̵͔̼̳̺̰̘̮̳̯̦̼̟̺̒̉̈́P̷̨̓̎̒̽͊͋̃̉͘ ̴͙̰͇̖̼͇̳̹̬̆̇̑̆̈́̔̈́́͛̃̈̾̐̕͜h̸͇̦̮̯̉͌́̅ ̷̨̛͎̩̽̈̒͐́̅́͆̈́͝ọ̸̧̲̩̩̼̻̱̹̫́͠ͅ ̵̙̺̿̎̈͝ǹ̷̨̩̦̩̲̺̲͈̼͓̺͖̼̟̚ ̷̢̛̹̟̩͕͕̤̮̕ě̵̡̻̭̺̈̈́̓̓̒͊̈̾̚͝

  • France-icon France - Amazing language food and culture, one of my best friends live there, and 61% of my DNA is from France which is nice
  • Switzerland-icon Switzerland I swear they might not look like it bUT IT'S THE MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD IT'S INSANE H E L P -  cute mountains uwu
  • Iceland-icon Iceland Hee hee cute country is like mini mini Canada hee hee owo
  • Ukraine-icon Ukraine - I'm not gay  b u t  the women there are BEAUTIFUL like for real I dream to be up to their standards one day seems pretty good, I wish Russia had a better relationship with them, we may never know
  • Germany-icon Germany - Germany's that one kid that was like horrible and just a bully all throughout middle school but in high school became waaay better than everyone else a- very much guten ja I would love to go to Berlin one day, the whole country is very progressive
  • UK-icon UK - ASTERICKS SIPS LOVELY TEA PIP PIP CHEERIO ASTERICKS  ya I shouldn't cross that out that's my opinion on it anyways


This is all my amigos here, which are better than my irl friends not gonna lie

Bro Code

  • Byz-icon Byz - LATINO GXNG! Very good friend, he's an amazing person and artist as well! I hope Zero stops simping for you it's pretty annoying hehehe nf x byz is cannon hehehehehe
  • HerrSpiridus-icon Nash - Epik fam, we both joined the Bro Code at the same time which is pretty nice (hopefully we can be friends)
  • Switz1815-icon Switz - Bruuuuuuuh you are also very good at art I love it your style it's adorable!!! (hopefully we can be friends too)
  • TGC-icon TGC - Ya we cool fam, we both live in Ontario, resonably close actually which is nice shhh don't tell mom it's ok you can hit me back just stop crying

Other Friends

  • Mtcat101-icon Mtcat101 - Thank you for making my icon, and for being my first friend here too!
  • JugoslavFloor-icon Jugoslav - He's pretty cool, I like his art too
  • Jarly289-icon Jarly - COLOMBIA GXNG

How to draw my bad wonderful userball

If I had asked you do draw me, or somewhere in the abyss of your mind, it made an absolute useless and depressing decision of drawing me just for the sake of it, here is the place to go

Yellow 255,225,83 C0-M12-Y87-K0 #FFE153
White 255,255,255 C0-M0-Y0-K0 #FFFFFF
Pink 253,145,174 C0-M12-Y67-K1 #FD91AE


1. Draw a plebby circle

2. There are 5 sections (top, center-top, center, center-bottom, bottom), colour the top and bottom sections yellow

3. Colour the center-top and center-bottom white

4. Colour the center section pink, and add 3 stars in the middle (bigger star in the exact middle, two smaller stars on the sides)

5. Draw a flower crown on top with 4-6 flowers, colour the petals white and the center golden yellow

6. Draw two plebby white eyes aND THERE YOU GO YOU MADE A THING YAY


Canada This user is Canadian.
"Sorry, eh?"
Colombian This user is Colombian.
"Bacano parce"
Franceball This user is French.
"Hon hon hon, je suis baguette!"
Communistball improved This user is Communist.
"Vee are the werker's republika, UNITE!!"
Christianflagball This user is Christian.
"Father, Son and Holy Spirit"
This user is Female.
Hetero This user is heterosexual.
"I like my opposite sex."
Happyball This user is Active.


Here is art works uwu

By me

By others

Group Photos (By me)

Group Photos (By others)


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