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We agree politically sometimes and she is also a kind person
ZARGH1-icon.png Zargh
She refues to recongnize China-icon.png Illegal Chinese goverment. Also a very hard fascit remover
Peace with Ethiopia

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HI! I am an Ethiopian girl who makes edits in this Wiki. It also makes edits about the Religious context of being a Muslim. Hariri is my tribe and turkey is the closet thing I have from Asian blood.

Also, I do not hate Somalia-icon.png Somalia. Somalia has AMAZING food and beautiful culture. There is not a lot of pirates in that country (and if there is actually pirates, it should be Ireland or Norway) I love that country and I feel like this community has been too harsh on Somalia. The only thing I disagree with Somaliaball is that Somaliland ball should be independent. N

Some stuff about me

If your wondering......

How do I ended up on polandball wiki?

I ended up here looking for comics and thought to myself? "hey isn't it a good idea to edit in Harariball? The article was a stub and that was my mom's birthplace. I knew some history so I decided to add information to that government.

I really liked editing into this wiki. I first started editing in Ethiopia, then Somalia then Djibouti and so on. I had some nightmares about Eritrea though so I was scared to edit that

I liked the community and started to do the poll stuff. I wanted an icon (even though I never had a userbox yet) so I asked my friend Mtcat101-icon.png This dude to created one. He asked me to be his friend and we were getting along ever since.

I am also the Amharic Polandball wiki owner. If you would like to start editing. Please do so. Plox help me get Sweden-icon.png Collisions approval for a logo so it could be offical :).

Edit: ITS OFFICAL YAY :D. thanks to Mtcat101-icon-blink.gif cat and Sweden-icon.png Colli for the journey :)

Some complaints

Although I really like this wiki, there are some complications like

  • trolls
  • Unorganization
  • inactivity in editing but ultra activity on discord

these are things in which I like to fix.

Personal facts

  • I am a Muslim
  • giraffes are my favorite animal
  • I get scared very easily.
  • I am normally an open person but sometimes I could be shy
  • I now have trust issues due to previous experiences with friends. You now must prove to me that you are worthy of being my friend.
  • I am a teeneger (15 exact)
  • I have Asperger syndrome (that means that I am in the low spectrum for autisum which makes me lack on my social skills)
  • I am a kpop fan and a stray kidz stan (Yes I am a directioner but I am also a kpop fan. Directioners, please don't call me a traitor because im not fond of bts that much. I am loyal)
  • I like rock music mainly, but sometimes I listen to pop (when my family is watching me)
  • Dont kill me I also like the countryhuman fandom. They are acutally not that bad, and they are now starting to focus on africa. Thats good news. They are one of somalilands biggest supports so I like them.

So why am I wasting my time here

Idk I want to ask myself the same question. Maybe because its a new hobby. Do not expect me to be active on discord, because I won't. I will try my best though, but the school year had already started so it will be hard to. I also love editing here . Its to the point where it bcame a habit.

Rules of my messagewall

Since my messagewall rules is not working because of the UCP update, why don't I just add one here Before you go to my messagewall, click here to see the rules

Q and A

What page in Polandball wiki the funniest
Any favorite movies
  • Madagascar I like to move it move it
Do you know the omo vally in ethiopia
  • Why yes. The culture is very old and that's all our ancestors come from. This is why ethiopia likes to cliam that he is the beginning of everything
Can you be my Ethiopian Bride?
  • Hell no, Stay away perv!
Favorite Polandball Comic?
Least/Worst comic you seen?
  • I admit the idea of having this based on a italian song, but abyssinia? Romantasizing gassing and massacures? Really? if you seen this one you know what I am talking about..and ew the Fascist Italy-icon.png kingdom of satana and Abyssinia-icon.png abysinia got married

Here is some one direction music to listen too

Other facts about me

  • I like adding history into articles
  • I tend to dislike USA-icon.png American politics. It's biased repelled and corrupt.
  • I love reorganizing relationships in articles when it is needed.
  • I hate math, or anything to do with it
  • I spend too much time here for my own good
  • I once had a fear of the country called Vanuatu-icon.png Vanuatuball (because of a documentary) untill the memes made by Shanguy400 1V-icon.png Shan and TGC-icon.png TGC made a meme about it.
  • I love making history and infomrmation about a countryball (including my usrepage) longer than the infobox because it is satisfying to me.

Find Me On Other Wikis

Account on Countryhumans (Moderator) Account on Ethiopiaball wiki (Founder and admin) Account on One Direction wiki

Dfans Association

If you would like to go to the 1Dfan association, where you get to see a explanation of sandboxes, Börk Memes, and more, clock Click here I copied Mtcat101


Overall I enjoy this experince being a part of this community and I love spending my free time here. If you have any questions about me, art reqests or anything (besides friend reqests) you can always ask me. If you want to see my opinions of anything, just click on any of the tabs. Any probloms? And of courses enjoy your time looking in my profile. And be HAPPY!! Agree-icon.png

You stalker and also warning don't edit my userpage or else.

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This is a cringy idiots user page. Leave her alone right now and kill her


I have some recognozitions that I would love to make...

Opinions of regions of Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopia

  • Harari-icon.png Harariball - Half of my DNA is from here because my mom was born here. This region very important in the religion of Islam and the people are basically extremely friendly and the food is cool. I have plenty of family members living here currently.
  • Amhara-icon.png Amharaball - Caucasian who thinks he is better then everyone else. He ruled Ethiopia for so long and brought oppression to Oromia-icon.png Oromiaball which is quite sad. But then again, you didn't deserve a massacure :(
  • Benishangul-Gumuz-icon.png Benishangul-Gumuzball - I don't know much about this place other than the fact that there were a lot of refuges here from Sudan-icon.png Sudanball.
  • Tigray-icon.png Tigrayball- Part of my family is from here too! The Gurage tribe originated from here but then moved to This dude. Some family still live here.
  • Sidamo-icon.png Sidamaball - New region of Ethiopia which I do not know about other than that he is a ethnic ormomo.
  • Gambela-icon.png Gambelaball - Also a Sudanese refuge camp. Also a Beta Israel-icon.png Ethiopian jew refuge camp who suffered from the Italian holocaust during the 1940's. Other than that, I really do not know about this region.
  • Afar-icon.png Afarball - Ancient Egyptians who are still living today live here. I am not kidding. These Muslim's living in the desert are actually related to the ancient Egyptians. Search it up I am not kidding.
  • Southern Nations-icon.png SNNPR - My dads tribe moved into the mini semi mountins from Tigary. Also family is here too Also there are plenty of nomads in here that deals with racisum within the country. They were enslaved by the goverment and the basic ethnic minority. They are the native Americans of Ethiopia. So sad.8-icon.png poor you :(
  • Ogadenia-icon.png Ogadeniaball - YUO ARE Somaliland-icon.png Somalilandball and that is final. Derg-icon.png this man ruined your fathers country and I am sorry. Now go reunite with your cousin please.
  • Oromia-icon.png Oromiaball - I know you deal with racisum but dont masaccure people please.

8ball I.png This user is African
"Click Click"
The Semites.png This user is Semitec
"Remove nazi, we are of middle east and africa originitality"
Autodraw 10 6 2020 (2).png This user is Tigrayan.
"Give freedom to me! Free Tigray"
2020 10 06 0ps Kleki.png This user is Ogadenian
"Greetings my friend, can I be a pirate too?"
Oromoball(Province).png This user is an Oromo
"Remove Amhara Oromo lives matter. Remove Ethiopian Police forces."

Terrible shit that happened

  • Gypsy-icon.png Israel-icon.png - Holocaust..happened...Germany-icon.png is to blame (At least germany appologized)
  • Armenia-icon.png - Armeninan Genocide...happened...Turkey-icon.png is to blame (APPOLOGIZE PLEASE)
  • Beta Israel-icon.png Abyssinia-icon.png - The Italian Facsit 5 year occupation genocide of Musolinnis rule had happen although never spoken about Italy-icon.png is to blame (at least he appologized)
  • Algeria-icon.png Morocco-icon.png Tunisia-icon.png Libya-icon.png - The berber genocide happened France-icon.png (especially france) Arab League-icon.png Turkey-icon.png is to blame (YOU SHOULD APPOLIGIZED)
  • 8-icon.pngRwanda-icon.png - Tut Genocide..happened..Rwanda-icon.png is to blame (He appologized and even gib aid)
  • Oromia-icon.png Somalia-icon.png Beta Israel-icon.png - Oromo..gurage...Somali and Ethiopian jews raped and genocide..happened Stupid Ethiopia-icon.png Melink...Ethiopia-icon.png is to blame (APPOLOGIZE ETHIOPIA GOD DAMN)
  • 8-icon.png THe congo enslaving and Hands cutting genocide happend Belgium-icon.png is to blame (FUCKIN APPOLOGIZE NOW)
  • Taiwan-icon.png South Korea-icon.png North Korea-icon.png - Chinese and korean rape and genocide...happened..Japan-icon.png is to blame (At least he appologized)
  • Ukraine-icon.png Kazakh-icon.png - Man made Famine happened..Russia-icon.png is to blame (APPOLOGIZE ALREADY)
  • Somalia-icon.png Libya-icon.png Syria-icon.png Iraq-icon.png - POOR CREATURES WHICH LAND IS CONTROLLED BY ISIS-icon.png TERRORISTS (NATO-icon.png NATOball needs to gib aid)

Created Pages

Pages that I helped made a major improvement on

Created icons

  • Abiy Ahmed-icon.png - Prime minister Abiy Ahmed (that madman)
  • Ethiopia Traditional-icon.png - Ethiopia wearing a traditional hat
  • Number1Dfan-icon (tangle).png - My anuschless form.
  • Somalia-gif (6).gif - Somalia somaliland gif


United Patriots-icon.pngUnited Patriots MembersUnited Patriots-icon.png

  • ZARGH1-icon.png When theZargh - Best friend in this whole wiki. We talk about things everyday.
  • Mtcat101 happy-icon.png Mtcat101 - editing rival good united patriots friend. We are administartors of the Amharic Polandball wiki. He can speak a fair amount of amharic, በባህሎቻችን እንዲደሰት እደግፈዋለሁ ፣ እናም ስለእነሱ የበለጠ ለማወቅ መፈለጉን አደንቃለሁ ፡፡ ኢትዮጵያ በእውነት በጣም አስደሳች አገር ነች!
  • TGC-icon.png German Canidan - Moonmin pal. Thanks for letting me into the fandom.
  • Peanutbutter6790-icon.png PBandJ - Another Muslim brother!! I love his countryball OC or userball. He has a really unique personality. Welcome back. I hope your having a nice time in kazakistan.
  • TriangleAlliance-icon.png Alliance of taiwan - A tawanese malyasian,II love his art and music. We refuse to recognize China-icon.png THE ILLEGAL GOVERMENT
  • Bouncyy(2).png This bouncy ball - Cool dude and I really like your icons!! I also love your sense of humor. And also WELCOME BACK!
  • Carlo-icon.png Carlo - This guy makes adorable art He can also be a little crazy some days but thats cool!
  •  CuteSushiPizza-icon.png :D - Cookie Cookie. :D :D :D :D. UwU UwU
  • Ross Dependency-icon.pngRoss - I missed you. TO describe him he is 6-icon.png 6ball.
  • BlueLightning127-icon.png Mcqueen - Im so sorry for your past. Here have a hug from me >w<, and I hope you like canada. Noo I am so sorry for what happened to your mother. Here have a hug. UwU
  • ChineseSocialist 1-icon.png This Commie - Although I disagree with him politically, however he is a very nice person and we also talk about African politics sometimes in the united patriots server. thank god you hate isaisas
  • Dark Sonic 14 real-icon.gif Dark Sonic the movie - Icon Legend
  • UltraSuperman-icon.png Ultra SUPERMAN - Very nice person and a good artist. Thanks for helping me in my roughest times. Like Chinese Socalist, I do disagree with him politically BUT he is pretty much a good person.
  • Theamazingsomaliaball-icon.png SOMALIAAA - I techically raised him in the wiki and taught him how to use it . My Somali Bro. I hope Somalia becomes better. We are from the same Ethiopian/Somali tribe in Harari-icon.png Harar. We love bannanas and soup!
  • Orlando-icon.png Walzaski - He has a wonderful personality. So sweet. gib hugs
  • RakhineRawr-icon.png Rakhine - New friend from discord. He is one of the admins for the Remove fascits gang (work in progress)
  • Gunnar-icon.png Foss - Another editing rival A member who is always active. Thanks for the UP video. I love your art btw.
  • Shooty-boi-icon.gif Roblox - ITS CHRITMMMAAAAA
  • TheImmorxy-icon.png Immorxy - Zargh 2.0 Good algerian friend who also have a pan africanist flag. Africa Stronk! I agree with you politically.
  • AlexZ-icon.png Alex - How may commies are there he does a lot of shitpost and stuff. I disagree with him politically but he is cool I guess. but remove communisum.
  • Avery-Icon.png Avery - Im sorry for what I have done. Idk I apologize too much. A member of the UP in which idk too much about other then the fact that xhey are the owner of the server.

United Patriots art with members

United Ptritos art with Userball

Other freinds

  • Greek-Empire-user-icon.pngBest greek dude ever - Greeks faces are more burt then OUR faces I haven't seen him a while I sort of miss him, but he is very nice and was my second friend in the wiki.
  • DevilishCookie-icon.png Cookie artist - I love her arts, I hope you come back soon.
  • SouthAfricaRules-icon.pngMy brother Brics - This german guy who wants to be african. We agree in politics. California INDEPENDENT
  • Byz-icon.png Byz - Mafia boss who is obsessed with Eritrea, and a legend in art. I recognize your ship with NF. Good luck on your dreams mate.
  • Sunglasses romketa-icon.png Commie - Another friend who I also disagree with in politics dam is my political thinking that bad I love his icons and has a good sense of humor
  • FCSG-icon.png Anti Fascit - Fellow Fascit remover in which I respect...We greeks and Abyssinans must reunite against them.
  • Xavier Animations(New)(Resized)-icon.png Animations boi - I was his first friend. I mostly agree with him politically. Some of his edits are hilarious. Unlike the vandalizers, the arguments actually made sense, for example, Liberia and Malyasia.
  • Sudan-icon.png Chai Labin - Sudanese friend who is amazing at art and also part of the pb and cb community. We agree politically and also sudan X ethiopia is cute uwu
  • NewAbyssinianMapping!(ICON).png Secret Brother - Ethiopian Oromo brother! I joined his mapping server in discord and I help support it.
  • JugoslavFloor-icon.png Jugoslav - Good friend from discord. An admin for the Fascit removing gang which is currently in progress.
  • Indonesia-icon.png ICTOAN - Good friend of mine who makes good art and another editing rival
  • CitoyenIsraelien-icon.png Citoyen - Zarghs political worst nightmare Good friend of mine from discod. We disagree politically centering the issue with palestine, however he is a really nice person and he likes the design of my userball. Im one of his only friends here. DO NOT CALL ME SHEBA
  • NotFunnyChan69-icon.png Not Funny - Good friend from discord and amazing artist. I recognize your ship with byz and a really nice person to talk to overall you say your depressed you say. I can help you from your prision you got this girl. Stay strong. We also talk about moonmin sometimes. I love the fandom.
  • Ivih-icon.png Ivih - Wholesome friend whos having uwus and owos and kindness spreads.
  • Caio (ushanka)-icon.png Caio - Amazing and positive brazillian friend. I agree with him politically and also I love steven universe. I should probobly should start catching up to the show, I haven't watched it in a while.
  • Collisions-icon.png Colli - Yeah he a quite one. He recently invited me to his historian influence thing and we sometimes chat. Quite a nice admin and friend. Whats up with your obession of nordic countries?

Ethiopiaball wiki is a wiki dedicated to ethiopiaball and writen in amharic. Contribute now if you can! Even if its small I would really appreciate it. If you don't or cannot speak amharic, you can still add on art into the wiki. Your controbutions is appreciated and welcomed here. https://ethiopiaball.fandom.com/wiki/Ethiopiaball_Wiki

Countries opinions (working in progress)


  • Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball (Mostly)
  • Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball (Mostly)
  • Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball (Only in culture, their government is bull****)
  • Taiwan-icon.png ROCball - REAL CHINA!
  • Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball - Tacos good! Gib nachos! Also, we remove the wall.
  • Every Cenetral American country except for Nicaragua
  • Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball - We did an immigration ban against gulf countries since they took advantage of the domestic workers caring and abuse them.
  • Every Carrinen country except all those living in the island of Hispania and Cuba
  • Every South American Country Except for Venezuela
  • UK-icon.png UKball - My ex-celeb crush harry styles was from here.
  • Ireland-icon.png Irelandball - Niall Horan was from here
  • Every European country except for Hungary, Russia, and Serbia
  • Bahrain-icon.png Bahrainball - You're the only Gulf country I like
  • Every Central Asian Country except for Afganistan, Turkmenistan, and Iran
  • Bangladesh-icon.png Bangladeshball - Friends and also the best country in the Indian subcontinent. Everyone else is sus.
  • Japan-icon.png Japanball - Nani?
  • All Oceanic countries except for goddam Vanuatu-icon.png Vanuatuball


  • Most countries on earth except the ones listed below


  • Cuba-icon.png Cubaball - Remove dictatorship but the country is slowly improving, good job.
  • Haiti-icon.png Haitiball and Dominican-icon.png Dominican Republicball - Can you guys stop fighting I like you both :O.
  • Vanuatu-icon.png Vanuatuball - Remove storms and remove volcano worship. Otherwise you okay! But please calm down Indonesia-icon.png Yuo brother
  • Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball - Plox stop oppressing non Muslims, that's not the muslim way
  • Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball - Love you but gotta say Armenian genocide is real so stop denying it.
  • Kenya-icon.png Kenyaball - I love you but hate you at the same time. You are a beautiful country! Pretty boys here and pretty animals, wildlife!♥ but at the same time does not give a lot of women rights. I really wanted to like you until you do the same torture of domestic workers as the gulf countries. Plox, don't become the satanic gulf.P.s Also, be nice to the Somali community okay Kenya OwO!
  • Israel-icon.png Israelcube - Thanks for apologizing to us and admitting that you were wrong with the immigration ban. You said that you would change your troublesome ways, thats great. I am glad that the Ethiopia-Israel relations is restoring again after a brief break. I love your culture and foods but....free Palestine-icon.png Palestineball and stop zionisum.
  • South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - Plox stop being xenxophobic, but at least you like Injeria
  • Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball and Japan-icon.png Japanball - Stop denying your war crime against South Korea-icon.png Koreans and Armenia-icon.png Armenians. I want to like you guys :(
  • USA-icon.png USAball - I really want to avoid talking about you, but alas here we are. Your political life is now a shithole, so really don't want to talk about politics. Overall since our president came 4 years ago, there were racial tensions in the Latinx community (cause of the dam wall) and the African Americans have been oppressed since like forever. Also you love stealing culture away from other countryballs. At least we both hate Russia-icon.png Russiaball
  • Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball - Plox please try to accept immigrants, they need you, especially those Nigerian immigrants who were kidnapped and sold in debt in Libya-icon.png Libyaball you can save lives!


  • Russia-icon.png Russiaball and Belarus-icon.png Belarusball - You all know why
  • Every single gulf country but some are worse than others so they will be listed there
  • Yemen-icon.png Yemenball - GET A GOVERNMENT BEFORE SAUDI ANNEX YOU!  He will do an ethnic cleansing against you.
  • Ethiopia-icon.png Ethiopiaball - Your police bruitality and racisum is a lot worse than USA-icon.png USAball. You only let caucasioan Amhara-icon.png Habeshas get habesha privlige. Abiy Ahmed should seriously take charge of this. Yet I do not really get to discuse this stuff in the pbw and mor one the chw with Chai about you being a racist shit.
  • Iran-icon.png Iranball - Agree with you against Saudi and sorry about killing your general, but why are you so aggressive?
  • Afghan-icon.png Afghanistanball - You love changing your flag don't you? Also plox please try to get a government.


  • China-icon.png Chinaball - Worst country in existance. Taiwan-icon.png ROC is real china. You are the fake evil imposter! Free Urgurys Hong Kong and stop being racist towards africans and Indians tourists! WOrst country in the world!
  • Somalia-icon.png Somaliaball - FREE Somaliland-icon.png Somaliland AND ALSO STOP ATTACKING INNOCENT Bantu-icon.png Bantus
  • Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball - FASCIT DETECTED
  • Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball - Nothing but a p***y and a loser.
  • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball - aka SHATANS COUNTRY or what turkey calls it DEVILS COUNTRY! YUO OROMIA MURDER!! YOU CAN BURN IN HELL JAHENIMAM FOR MURDERING INNOCENT POOR FARMERS WHO TRAVELED TO LIVE ALONGSIDE YOU FOR RELIGIOUS PURPOSES!! THIS IS HOW YUO TREAT THEM!! Who the fuck you think you are! Allah is very mad at you you know! Allah is mad at you for the actions you done not giving Ethiopian citizens for color and sent them to camps for the ethnic cleansing!!! SAUDI FAMILY NEEDS TO GO!! AND GIVE REPUBLICS!!!! ALSO GIB WOMEN RIGHTS PLOX!!!

Opinions of Leaders

Good Leaders

  • British Empire-icon.png British Royal Family - Your prime minister sucks but I like you guys. You guys are great world leaders!
  • Joe Biden-icon.png Joe Biden - I like Bernie better but Joe Biden is at least better than trump. I like senator harris since she would be the first black and the first Asian women to be vice president of the united states

Yeah Western stuff is boring to let's get into interesting Ethiopian stuff... but...there is not a lot of leaders Liked but there is a few

  • Abyssinia-icon.png King Negus- Please do not make fun of his name he does not have the pass too, he is the king that drove off the Italians during the First Italo-Ethiopian War . He is a great figure and legend in Ethiopian History books!! Great job! Abyssinia is strong!
  • Kingdom of Aksum-icon.png Kwestantitos - He was the first Christan whoever converted to Islam, and his monarchy had led through the inspiration of Islamic migrations and conversion in Ethiopia. His successors were unfortunately kicked out of the monarchy and formed Adal-icon.png Adal Sultanate because of the crusades. Without him, we all would be Christian and Somalia would never exist and Ethiopia would not be landlocked


  • Haile Selassie-icon.png Halie Selassie - He was such a great leader and an awe inspiration and legend towards the Ethiopian people African and the god of jamaica (because of one day of luckiness of rain). He is a legend, of defeating the stupids Italians. The only problem is is that he supported Imperalisum in Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball in which I disagree with, but commies say he is atyrand, but he have done many good things to ethiopia.
  • Ethiopia-icon.png Abiy Ahmed - He did amazing thisn like building the grand renissance dam and improving the economy, but he did awful things like ignoring the Oromia-icon.png Oromo lives matter protest and black lives matter protests even though he is ethnically Oromo. Stop the police violence #1 #black lives matter.


  • Derg-icon.png Mengeshu Halie Marium - He had a beautiful idea about modernizing Ethiopia and sizing ut up from form its history and he is not an Amhara caucassion but he literally made Ethiopia oh SOO MUCH WORSE THEN IT ALREADY WAS AND HE TOOK THE MONEY FLED AND LIVING HAPPILY WITHOUT PUNISHMENTS IN ZIMBABWE!!
  • Ethiopia-icon.png Every single ethiopian prime minister untill 2018 - They literally did nothing to change the economy. It only just stayed poor but some were worese then others.
  • Abyssinia-icon.png Most Abyssinian kings and emperors - Ah racist amharas taking over the place Caucasians rule and imperialism slavery and colonization similar towards the Europeans. There was a reason why Ethiopia was not colonized because they were European themselves.

Rot in hell

  • Ethiopia-icon.png Meles Zenawini - Sorry about your passing but you were incredibly racist towards Oromos you really sickining and you did nothing to improve the economy!
  • Ethiopia-icon.png Tedros the WHO officer of evil - That fuckin demon that tried to do a genocide agianst the tigray people (which is halfly MY ethnicity btw) and also for being a puppet of China-icon.png this shit and improvising some hateful words against taiwanese people who did nothing wrong. What type of racist Bitch are you? How dare you have the guts to call Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanese people those awful things while commiting a genocide against my people? Fuck you!
  • 2-icon.pngAbyssinia-icon.png King Menalik the second - Mongod ASTAFFALHA!! what do I have to say? You commit genocide against Oromo-icon.png Oromo and the 8-icon.png black omo valley people at the south. Then you enslaved the Omo valley and killed jews, wow JUST WOW. Though you stopped British imperialism, You suck!!! Like the worst leader of Abyssinia
  • Somalia-icon.png Every Somali leader ever (not including sultanates, just somalia from 1960s and above) - All of you are bad. There is no good guy here. No one does their job correctly here.
  • Italian Social Republic-icon.png Musolini - Burn in hell with your facist friends bitch! Your execution was justified!
  • Somali Democratic Republic-icon.png Siad Barre - What the actual f**k. He did genocide to Isaaq, and also he was a horrible leader invading Ethiopia and planing kenya. WTF. Glad you lost the Ogaden War. you deserved it
  • Donald Trump-icon.png Donald Trump - He never did anything right for the economy ever since the pandemic and he is a de facto racist against Latinos. I'm not sure about the black community because he like Kanye West, but he claims to help them even though he did literally nothing. Racist against Muslims? Most certainly!!

Add anything I say that was stupid in discord Here and Have fun!!

Art and memes maps and more

Arts of me in it

DANK Memes


Arts created by me but only the good ones

Arts of other users made my me


If you would like to see my bad art the link is Here. There is where my past cringey art is located. I am not posting in it in my profile though..

Random table about removing the fascits. All of these must be removed

Fascit Italy Fascit Eritrea Fascit Somalia
Italy is the worst Eritrea is the worst dictatorship Somalia have no goverment
Because what it did in 1935 Tried to murder everyone who lives in his clay Tried to murder all issaqs
Just a monster and Musolinis death was justified Force other people to convert to his religion If you don't You will be executed Pirates and terrorisum

You can learn about my BORK remove facits Here

You can learn about the remove facists group Here

How to draw me

Flag colors

North Texas Green 7, 137, 48 C95-M0-Y65-K46 #078930
Yellow (Pantone) 252, 221, 9 C0-M12-Y96-K1 #FCDD09
Lava 218, 18, 26 C0-M92-Y88-K15 #DA121A

Emblem Colors

White 255,255,255 N/A #FFFFFF

First you need to draw a circle and color three layers, The top Green the middle Yellow and the bottom red. The second thing is draw a moon in the middle of the layer. Then draw a bow with the same trime colors of Pan Africanisum.

For the bow inside, its your choice either to do the turkey emblbum ( a White moon and star .or Adal Sultane elbum with three White moons.

NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png
NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png
NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png
NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png
NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png
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NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png
NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png
NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png
NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png
NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png
NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png
NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png

cause why not

NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png
NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png


oh yas

NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png





  what is this purpose

  to waste


pericous time 


Poo-icon.png Pooball 


NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png
NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png


NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png

NeyaAmhed-icon (1).png