aka Neya Ahmed

  • I live in United States (wishing for UK or Canada)
  • I was born on September 4
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female


HI! I am an Ethiopian girl who makes edits in this Wiki. It also makes edits about the Religious context of being a Muslim. Hariri is my tribe and turkey is the closet thing I have from Asian blood.

Also, I do not hate Somalia-icon Somalia. Somalia has AMAZING food and beautiful culture. There is not a lot of pirates in that country (and if there is actually pirates, it should be Ireland or Norway) I love that country and I feel like this community has been too harsh on Somalia. The only thing I disagree with Somaliaball is that Somaliland ball should be independent. That's all! == The best of Africa ==My favorite pages||||||People hate this place for no reason. This is 3% of my DNA Userboxes


Saint moses This user is Ethiopian.
"የኢትዮጵያ ጠንካራ ነው"
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"Kebabı savunun!"
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"God bless 'Murica."
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"Death to the genocidal fascists"
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"Black Power!"
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"Respect the minorities!"
Hetero This user is heterosexual.
"I like my opposite sex."
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"Better dead than American puppet!"
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"Anschluss time!"
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"Gib Baja California! And independence!"
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"United We Stand!"
This user is Female.
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"I have things to do elsewhere"
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"Gib Independence!"
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"Praise Allah! Defend Shariah law!"
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"In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate"
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"Allahu Ekber"


I have some recognozitions that I would love to make...

Terrible shit that happened'

  • Gypsy-icon Israel-icon - Holocaust..happened...Germany-icon is to blame
  • Armenia-icon - Armeninan Genocide...happened...Turkey-icon is to blame
  • 8-iconRwanda-icon - Tut Genocide..happened..Rwanda-icon is to blame
  • Oromia-icon Somalia-icon Beta Israel-icon - Oromo..gurage...Somali and Ethiopian jews raped and genocide..happened Stupid Ethiopia-icon Melink...Ethiopia-icon is to blame
  • Taiwan-icon South Korea-icon North Korea-icon - Chinese and korean rape and genocide...happened..Japan-icon is to blame
  • Ukraine-icon Kazakh-icon - Man made Famine happened..Russia-icon is to blame
  • Somalia-icon Libya-icon Syria-icon Iraq-icon - POOR CREATURES WHICH LAND IS CONTROLLED BY ISIS-icon TERRORISTS


The united patriots members

  • ZARGH-icon Zargh the influencer aka MR OwO-Afro- Muslim brother. Is great of freind!! Also great artist!! Though we sometimes disagree politcally (CRIMEA IS UKRIANE AND YES Russia-iconRUSSIA IS A BAD GUY) we always play roleplay games..maping games and pixal place in which is really great. We also refuse to recognize this Israel-icon RACIST DISGRACE (Africans and arabs can be semetic too!!!) as a country. He is also the founder of the untied patriot. He is overal a great leader and a pretty sweet guy :).
  • Mtcat101 happy-icon Mtcat-(or Mt-CART)-First friend in the wiki!! He of helped me guide through his wiki and created Icons of me!! I really appreciate it. He is also amazing artist as well!! He is netural as he is basicaly swizerland in user form..Also likes doing maping games
  • Peanutbutter6790-icon PBandJ-Another Muslim brother!! He has a very cool userbox (kazak-plus singapore=amazing creature) and super nice. He also likes maping games. (Lol patriots mapers) and a overal pretty cool dude
  • TriangleAlliance-icon Triangle man -New Member!!! he is of cool and I support you on hong kong. Your icons are great and I like your art.
  • Bouncyy(2) This bouncy ball-Cool dude and new member to the United Patriots!! That is nice :) and I really like your icons!!
  • Carlo-icon Carlo - This guy makes adorable art and is now a new member to the united patriots.
  •  CuteSushiPizza-icon PIZZA PIZZA SUSHI SUSHI-Pretty cool of robloxian also uses the chat system in this web. Also very funny!! He is a new member of the united patriots.
  • United Patriots art

Other freinds

  • Greek-Empire-user-iconBest greek dude ever-Greek Friend. He is of chill Ethiopians do not have white bodies and black are we "land of the burnt faces but we like the name Also a fellow Fascit remover Greek X Ethiopia = Fasicum dead but unfortunantly Greece does not have good ties with turkey.. I hope TUrkey and greece can into peace plox!! Unless u want to be...annucules
  • Ross Dependency-iconNative antartican-Antartic native. Is of cool. He does really good art and extremly friendly!! Also thank you for recreating my comic and made it better!! I really appreciated that!! You recognize Somalialand too??? YAY!!! Also can into large editing!! He is amazing... maybee to amazing Are you of 6-iconAlen? Because I susspect it
  • DevilishCookie-icon Cookie artist-Of yet a Muslim sister!! Amazing artist and buddy!! She can into anime arts and also thanks for the art I really appreciate it!! She also is from bangledesh which is personally my favorite south-eastern asian countreis and one of my best friends from real life is from there too!!!
  • SouthAfricaRules-iconMy brother Brics-Is of African brother!! He likes south Africa and makes wonderful art and is extremely nice. He is of lonely and I guess needs more I can be friends my brother!!
  • Sunglasses romketa-icon ROMe-Is of chill and I like your icons :)..nice dude..Although i HATE SOCALISUM should be liberal
  • Anti Fascit -Fellow Fascit remover in which I respect...We greeks and Abyssinans must reunite against them.

  ENJOY HAVING A LOOK AT MY PROFILE Number1Dfan (talk) 03:33, June 14, 2020 (UTC)Number1DfanNumber1Dfan (talk) 03:33, June 14, 2020 (UTC) == 

==Art and memes

=== DANK Memes ===

How to draw me

Flag colors

North Texas Green 7, 137, 48 C95-M0-Y65-K46 #078930
Yellow (Pantone) 252, 221, 9 C0-M12-Y96-K1 #FCDD09
Lava 218, 18, 26 C0-M92-Y88-K15 #DA121A

Emblem Colors

White 255,255,255 N/A #FFFFFF

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