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  • I live in España
  • I was born on September 6
  • My occupation is Estudiante
  • I am Hombre

I'm an user who grew as user and currently practise the charge of bureaucrat in Halopedia en español. I am peruvian and I met this community because a little group of users from my wiki came here and I was curious, also because I enjoy the polandball comics.

So I came here and I met the users and got concerned about some troubles they got here and I try to help by contributing and guiding them under my experience in Halopedia en español.

My philosophy... I don't know even how to begin to explain... everything began I just wanted to know how did some optical illusions work. One thing lead to other thing... I think I should make a diary or a book but I am so absent-minded that it would surely have like 200th editions in the first week or be needing another notebook because of the strokes I'd made in the writing. So I prefer sharing my philosophy by talking and meeting friends. Anyway is hard to explain... I'm afraid.

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